New show lets you experience the stress and panic of a job interview from the comfort of your couch

Lights… camera… eyes on the hot seat! 

In the new CNBC reality series, The Job Interview, real job candidates experience one of life’s most vulnerable moments on primetime TV as they take part in actual job interview sessions with real employers.

Christian Barcellos, SVP Development & Production, CNBC Primetime, spoke to Ladders about what viewers can expect from the show.

Here’s how it all plays out

Season One reportedly features ten 30-minute episodes. Barcellos told Ladders about how about what happens behind the scenes.

The production team found “pre-existing jobs” that had been posted and asked employers whether the show could film their hiring processes. Businesses who wanted to take part in the show sifted through “hundreds of resumes” and selected the most promising applicants to interview. Candidates arrived at a real office suite, where the interviews were taped.

Barcellos told Ladders that there was actually “no contact with candidates until they arrived at the location.”

“Rarely have cameras ever been inside that process to see how people behave, how nerves get the best of you, how sometimes there’s a disconnect between yourself and how you come across,” he said.

Each episode features one employer and around five applicants, but each interview session has one applicant and two interviewers from the company.

“There’s a job, everybody’s applied for that job, the employers only know them by their resume, as in the case in most situations,” Barcellos told Ladders.

Interviewers discuss on camera how the candidate fared once the interview is over, and one candidate will score the position.

As for the types of employers on the show, “this was really an opportunity to showcase these smaller businesses throughout America,” he said.

The Job Interview is based on a similar show for ITV in the UK with the same name, and ITV produced this new show.

CNBC hopes viewers see themselves in these applicants

Speaking about how this show is different than CNBC’s traditional programming and career advice, Barcellos told Ladders that “one of the nice things about this show is that there isn’t a lot of specifically proclaimed dos and don’ts. It’s inferred. This is an observational program.”

Viewers can interpret The Job Interview however they please.

“Inevitably there will be takeaways… little things they learn and observe, but most of all it’s about recognizing ourselves,” he said.

Barcellos hopes the show will spark discussions among friends once they tune in.

Here’s when you can check it out

The Job Interview premieres on Wednesday, November 8, at 10PM and 10:30PM ET/PT, with two episodes back-to-back.