71% of millennials choose their jobs based on the office space

Capital One’s Work Environment Survey— carried out by Wakefield Research— was recently released, showing that office configuration and format holds a whole lot of weight for the American worker: when the time comes for a new job, 71% of millennial respondents thought that “workplace design and environment” was just as or more significant than where the office is geographically.

It makes sense after all— you’ll probably spend most of your time there each week, so you should at least work in a place that appeals to you.

Here are a few of the results, according to the press release.

What people have to say about their offices

Five hundred full-time workers in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Washington, DC participated in the survey.

According to the research, these were among the things people wanted the most when it comes to their workplaces: 62% said natural light, 43% said furniture and areas that are “reconfigurable” in a pinch, and 44% wanted to see “creative imagery” and art.

What millennials want from their workplace

The survey revealed what millennials lack at work, with 65% saying their offices had no programs that are beneficial to the environment and a whopping 75% complaining that there were no nursing room for new moms.

Confused about what these young people want? Here are the top three items this group listed “when asked to prioritize on-site benefits:” 33% said fitness and health centers and initiatives,  36% said areas to gather and decompress, and 39% craved food and drinks that were good for them.

Employers, take note: people are actually paying attention to office layout— whether or not a potential hire likes your space might even have an impact whether or not they join your company.

That being said, also keep in mind that people have developed a notable aversion to the open office, so the world of work is truly due for some new ideas.