A look at corporate social responsibility software platform Benevity (plus advice on how to get hired there)

Benevity, the corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software, is on a mission to help promote global “Goodness.” As a certified B Corporation, is a unique for-profit corporation that combines technology with its dedication to fulfilling social missions. Learn more about the software company that’s aiming to make corporate giving easier and more popular, including how to get hired there.

Benevity rundown

Size: Just under 600 employees

Industry: Computer Software

Locations: The company’s headquarters are in Calgary, Canada, but it also has offices in Victoria, Toronto, San Mateo, California, Clearwater, Florida, and Gloucestershire, England.

Founded: 2008

Founder and CEO: Bryan de Lottinville

Mission:“Benevity’s mission is to build more purpose-driven corporate cultures by engaging employees, customers and communities around causes that resonate personally to them,” CEO Bryan de Lottinville told Ladders.

Benevity jobs

The company is currently hiring for a variety of open positions, including a Project Manager III and a Manager of Professional Services in Enterprise to join the team in Calgary, Canada. The company is currently looking to fill 200 full-time technology, sales, client success and other operational positions in the next year. Find a full list of open roles on Ladders’ Benevity Jobs page.

Company culture

Vivian Farris, the VP of People, describes the Benevity team as a “tight-knit, energetic group” that feels comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. The company wants you to bring your innovative ideas, and opinions, to the table each day.

The culture is one of “purpose,” according to a team of employees at the company.

“We have a strong social mission and a team that is passionate about making a difference in the world…so our culture really shines through when our team pulls together to give back to the community, take a stand, and participate in all kinds of actions that create meaningful social impact,” Farris said.

Founder and CEO Bryan de Lottinville didn’t have as easy a time answering the question of company culture as Farris did.

“That is a surprisingly difficult question, to be honest,” de Lottinville told Ladders. “In fact, I was just talking to our CFO about this the other day. She has been with us only about six months and was complaining (in a reverse-flattery sort of way) that she wasn’t able to adequately convey how special the place is when she talks to people about our culture. She thought she had been in a great culture where she was before and said that she’s never been part of anything like Benevity.”

Ultimately, de Lottinville believes that Benevity’s culture is defined by four main traits.

“A hallmark of our culture is our creative insurgency around challenging the status quo, our sense of urgency and bias to action, our recognition that we are not perfect but can always be better, and perhaps most notably—in what I have seen from Benevity’s people since its inception through to today—our willingness to go the extra mile for each other and our clients,” de Lottinville said. “On balance, I think it is the kind of culture one gets when you’re able to connect people’s work with a genuine sense of purpose, meaning and impact.”

Office Life

Collaboration is key at the Benevity office.

“Our office spaces are crafted to build camaraderie and community among team members,” Farris said. “From state-of-the-art meeting rooms and remote meeting technology to spaces designed to support learning, creativity, deep focus and special events, Benevity strives to ensure that people have what they need to collaborate with colleagues, engage deeply with their work, and support clients and the community.”

At the office, there are hang-out areas, creativity stations, and even areas for meditation, socializing, training, and development.

Gender diversity and equality at Benevity

“As of this year, Benevity now has 34% female software developers—results that are terrific relative to most,” Farris said. “According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in the United States account for only 19.3% of those employed as software developers, or in applications and systems software.”

The company also just completed a pay equity study to ensure that it is making progress toward its goal of paying equitably based on what is required for the role regardless of gender.

The company has partnered with forward-thinking organizations like Chic Geek and Next Gen Men to help build a more vibrant, inclusive and diverse technology landscape.

What the CEO and VP of People say it takes to get hired

“It’s not every day you wake up knowing you could literally change the world—unless you work at Benevity,” Farris said. “We have a unique, purpose-driven culture where doing good and doing great work go hand-in-hand.”

When it comes to hiring, the company looks for “passionate, smart and authentic people who are at the top of their game in technology, marketing, client success, finance and more.”

Employees who work well in a collaborative environment, are constantly coming up with innovative ideas, and do their best each day to create meaningful impact for companies are the ones who thrive at Benevity.

“As a certified B Corporation with a strong social mission, we naturally attract passionate people who want to make a difference in the world through their work,” Farris said.

“Do your homework on the company and be your authentic self,” de Lottinville said when asked his advice for someone interviewing at the company.

Funding and acquisitions

The company raised $38 million in Series A funding on July 22, 2015 from investor JMI Equity. A second Private Equity round was announced on Jan. 24, 2018 and was led by General Atlantic for an undisclosed amount. Shortly after, Benevity announced its acquisition of UK-based CSR consultancy, TrustCSR, followed by the acquisition of California-based grants management platform, Versaic.

Benevity employee reviews 2019

Reviews on Glassdoor range from two-star reviews titled “far from perfect” to five-star reviews titled “I’ve finally found The One.”

One reviewer wrote that joining the company was “an absolutely positive experience.” Another reviewer wrote that joining Benevity is a great “opportunity to get in on front end of an organization that is going to change the world!” The reviewer noted that there is “endless potential” and “positive, genuine leadership.”

The reviews, whether positive or negative, note that the company is going through the growing pains of any startup.

The company has a great rating on Glassdoor, with 84% of reviewers recommending the company to a friend and 97% of reviewers approving of the CEO.

What does Benevity do?

Benevity is a computer software company that creates technology to engage employees and aid corporations in their missions to do good. The cpm[any partners with clients to power better workplace giving programs that improve employee engagement, recruitment, and retention.

The company has eight categories of products:

  • Employee engagement
  • Workplace giving
  • Volunteering
  • Grants management
  • International programs
  • Disaster relief
  • Fundraising solutions
  • API solutions