6 absurdly beautiful workspaces you can use all over the world

There’s no question millennials are changing the way we work, communicate and strategize. With a renewed sense of what it means to be successful, more and more technology-focused and Internet-based professionals are adding ‘nomad’ to the end of their digital titles, taking advantage of the — literal! — world of opportunity to grow, foster and develop international relationships. Especially since conference calls can be dialed in from any country code, emails can be sent with a hotspot and drafts can be reviewed from your iPhone, why not log your hours remotely, without being tied to the same ‘ole office, 9 to 6, every single day?

If you’re considering a nomadic lifestyle that allows you to wake up to a run on the beach in Croatia before work or develop your latest project from a juice shop in Bali, there are countless remote work spaces checkered across the globe. These open, airy spaces offer more than the basic necessities you need — like Internet connection, printing capability and conference rooms — but also the chance to vibe with like-minded creatives, who might just inspire your next career move.

Here, some destinations to add to your professional bucket list:

WiP Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal

Ideal for the worker who wants to explore the ‘San Francisco of Europe’, this workspace is owned by Remote Year, a company that gives digital nomads the opportunity to travel the globe for a year, all while keeping their gigs. Right next to the Parliament Building in the Sao Bento neighborhood of Lisbon, this modern space features five call booths, two meeting rooms and can accommodate up to 75 workers at a time. Want to enjoy ‘um cafe’ while taking in the views of this seaside town? You can take your laptop to a rooftop or their traditional Portuguese patio, to work under the Iberian sun. For lunch? Head to the nearby Time Out Market, or end your day with a quick dinner on the beach, which is just a short train ride away.

Coolabore in Itajai, Brazil

On the North Coast of Santa Catarina State on the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find a small Brazilian city that’s bustling with entrepreneurship. Here is where Coolabore calls home — a co-working space created and operated by entrepreneurs, hoping to create a new wave of innovation in Brazil. Offering a short distance to the local university and a drive to the beach, you’ll find plenty of sights and people that will spark your interest and curiosity. The space itself offers co-working areas, as well as private rooms for important calls and events throughout the year to help digital nomads connect. Here, an impromptu brainstorming session over feijoada at a locally-run restaurant is a common pastime.

KoHub in Koh Lanta, Thailand

If you had to pick between creating your end-of-quarter strategy and reporting memo from a sterile office with fluorescent lighting, or on a porch overlooking the lush greenery on an island in the southwestern coast of Thailand, which would you choose?

KoHub makes that choice easy — and inexpensive. Thanks to a favorable exchange rate that makes the cost of living much lower than most American or European cities, many digital nomads are spending their time living amongst the warm, welcoming and cheap Thailand islands. KoHub in Koh Lanta is just a two-hour drive from Krabi or a four hour drive from Phuket and offers 24/7 access, 365 days a year. Here, you’ll have the high speed internet you need, with the onsite healthy juice and food options you crave. After cranking through your emails and sending out meeting notes, you can walk a short distance to the beach to mingle with fellow remote workers as you watch the sun set over the Andaman Sea.

WiP Split in Split, Croatia

Also owned and operated by Remote Year, you still have time to work a few weeks or few months in Croatia before tourism truly begins to boom. This space is located in the elite beachfront neighborhood of Znjan, where a quick dip in the Adriatic Sea isn’t just an option, but a recommended way to break up the meetings and recharge your creativity. Here, you can book up to five call booths, work with up to 80 people and access the many couches, tables and chairs 24/7. Complimentary espresso in the space means you’ll be able to stay motivated throughout the day thanks to a caffeine high, and plenty of nearby grocery stories, beach restaurants and fast food joints provide options for snacks, lunch and dinner. And hey, want to see the infamous, beautiful Old Town? It’s less than a $5 Uber ride away.

KAPTÁR in Budapest, Hungary

Apart from being a city that’s rich in history and low in cost, Budapest has begun to emerge as a digital nomadic destination, not only due to its favorable currency exchange rate to the U.S. The city is a never-ending source of discovery and inspiration, as you wander through its enticing streets. While Hungary itself is still adapting to the new way of work, Kaptar is providing a progressive alternative to workers who want to soak up the international culture while building their resumes. Located in the heart of downtown, many solo-preneurs, freelancers and remote workers flock to this part-community office, part-event space.  You’ll feel like you’re working from a coffee shop, without having to worry about someone stealing your seat if you need a quick bathroom break. Another perk? KAPTAR also organizes community events, so if you want to call Budapest your home for several months, it’s an ideal to meet friends who share your passions.

Hubud in Bali, Indonesia

As the very first co-working space in Bali, HuBud has used the influx of backpackers and nomadic workers to its advantage, as it attempts to change the face of work in Indonesia. It was created by expats and instead of just offering a workspace, its goals include building an international community, while helping the local culture, too. They welcome ‘business rebels, courageous creatives, techies and truth-seekers’ to take a chance on a new lifestyle of working and producing, hoping to inspire a new generation of professionals who build companies differently. Here, you can get the privacy you need for a conference call, open areas to get through your to-do list and then end your day networking, participating in an interactive lecture or volunteering.