Are you sabotaging everything you want? How to know

We all want something. Which is perfectly normal. It’s a natural tendency of being humans of this life. We want love, and success, and happiness, and experiences, and achievements, and adventure. We want better versions of ourselves. We want better experiences for others.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something, especially when it’s aligned with what’s true for you and by you. It’s the seed planted within you – the desire – that gets you into action. That gets you dreaming and scheming and making something of your wanting.

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And. Wanting can go wrong fast. Especially when someone else is experiencing what it is that you want. If someone gets the dream job, if someone has the major financial event, if someone finds the love of their life, if someone makes major health changes, if someone takes a big risk, if someone brings a dream to life…

When someone experiences the thing that you want, many times negative and envious feelings came come up.

This is where your sabotage begins. Because if you want love. If you want success. If you want purpose. If you want fulfillment. If you want joy. If you want prosperity. If you want adventure. If you want abundance. If you want recognition. If you want creativity…

You have to celebrate it in every form. Not just the form that benefits you. Not just the ways it shows up in your life. But in every life.

  • When a family member finds success. You celebrate.
  • When a friend falls in love. You celebrate.
  • When a peer reaches new heights. You celebrate.
  • When you see in another’s life the experience of the thing you’re wanting. You celebrate.

“You must welcome the thing that you desire.” Eckhart Tolle.

Otherwise you’re sabotaging. Your own resentment, your own jealousy, your own desire is getting in the way of being open and fluid and focused on your present experience. It puts walls up to that which wants to come your way, too.

You will not experience success in your life, if you cannot welcome it in others. So, celebrate as if it’s yours. And eventually, it will be.

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