Americans would give up 29% percent of their current salary for this

A new nationwide survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by the staffing services and solutions firm, K-Force, questioned 2,000 fulltime office-working Americans across all industries to get a gauge of how satisfied the average professional is with their current place of employment.

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Good not great

In conflict with frequent reports about the plague of work dissatisfaction, the majority of respondents in Onepoll’s study graded their job with a solid B-; several factors inform this ranking. When it comes to day to day tasks, most respondents determined that their current job earned a B (85%), additionally, employees graded their work-life balance, company morale, and benefits package all with a B- (81%).

There’s a slight disparity in work satisfaction between male and female workers. Fifty-eight percent of men said that they love their current office job, but only 47% of women echoed this.

This feeds into an even more interesting statistic which states that half of the American workers surveyed would take a pay cut to pursue a career that is more harmonious with their passion. It seems that most Americans seem to agree with the sentiment behind this decision even though not all of them are willing to make the leap. Sixty-seven percent of US workers said that loving the work you do is essential.  The group of Americans that were willing to take a pay cut for their dream job said they would give up as much as 29% of their current salary.

An animated display of passion can sometimes yield monetary benefits, however. According to Ryan Lynch, client executive over at K-Force, enthusiasm is just as valuable to some recruiters as it is to job seekers. Lynch writes, “Employers are willing to make sacrifices for someone who’s passionate about their work. Some clients will pay more for a standout candidate or hire someone without having a defined job opening.”

The average US worker is confident that their dream job is only five years away. Sixty-two percent believe their dream job is achievable within the firm they’re presently working at.

The roadblocks

So what keeps so many Americans from awarding their current job with an A? Well according to the crop of professionals examined by Onepoll, several key things stand out, poor communication/feedback and employee retention being chief among them. Check out the full list of the most common office weaknesses below.

  • Poor Communication (31%)
  • Employee Retention rate (31%)
  • Staff Diversity (28%)
  • Lack Of Transparency (28%)
  • Health And Safety (25%)

Of all the participants, both satisfied and dissatisfied, the average respondent predicted that they would stick with their current gig for roughly five and a half more years. Fifty-three percent said they would stick around even longer if they received a pay increase, 47% said they would stick around for better benefits, 40% would do so for a promotion, 37% for more flexible hours, and 36% for office technology improvements.

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