Allergies have another symptom — FOMO, study says

Suffering from allergies can be miserable. Aside from the teary eyes, congestion, and overall miserableness, allergies also make your FOMO worse, according to new research.

Two in three allergy sufferers claim their stuffed noses inhibit them from enjoying daily activities, according to an SWNS survey by One Poll with Flonase, via the New York Post.

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The study, which examined 2,000 Americans who were both allergy and non-allergy sufferers, wanted to find out why people avoid spring.

Oddly, 46% claimed they don’t get excited for spring due to allergy symptoms, according to research. Some even said they’d rather give up alcohol for an entire year or work 10-extra hours at work as a way to rid themselves of allergies.

Aside from fleeting excitement, 64% of allergy sufferers said they avoid going outside at all when their allergies are at their worst. More than half of those responses said their exercise routine was ruined due to their allergies.

The Mayo Clinic recommends tackling seasonal allergies by reducing exposure to activities or items that can cause a negative reaction like avoiding outdoor activities on dry, windy days. Also, try not to hang clothes outside as pollen tends to stick to clothing.

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