Administrative jobs: options, titles and descriptions

If you are considering a career in the administrative field, you might be surprised to know that there are a variety of different jobs you can go after. In general, administrative jobs provide some type of office support to a business. Whether it’s secretarial, financial, or something else, your work will assist the company’s main goals by organizing, managing and taking on any number of tasks that keep businesses running smoothly.

Two admin experts, male and female, one holding a laptop, talk and smile in a massive room filled with computer servers.
The widely varied jobs in administration require at least one specific skill set.

Skills or education for administrative jobs

The skillset to perform administration work may vary depending on the company and the exact position. However, some skills are common for all administrative positions:


It’s vital to have an eye for details since most administrative tasks require meticulous work. You may have to review documents, ensuring there are no errors.

Team player

In most cases, you will need to work with others. You will need to be a good team player, understanding the art of compromise and emotional intelligence.

Communication skills

Excellent communication skills are a must for just about any job, and administrative positions are no exception. Communication skills include verbal and written communication. Knowing how to express your thoughts thoroughly yet concisely is essential.

Time management

Having good time-management skills means knowing how to set goals, prioritize your tasks, then get the job done. Administrative employees often have to multitask, balancing a variety of tasks simultaneously. This can be stressful and difficult if your time-management skills are not up to par.


Sometimes the job of an administrative employee will change suddenly midway through a task. You’ll need to have plenty of flexibility to meet the challenges of making these turnarounds.

Organizational skills

Being organized is a skill that every employee needs to have. You’ll be handling a lot of paperwork, files, documents, etc. It makes sense that solid organizational skills will help you keep on track.

Top administrative job titles and descriptions

There are several types of administrative job titles. Here are the top categories for this position:

Administrative assistant

An administrative assistant performs the duties of office support. They may handle typing, email correspondence, scheduling appointments, taking minutes, mailing documents, and answering phone calls. These are just a few examples of some of the tasks an administrative assistant may be required to do. Some other job titles for this position include:

  • Administrative specialist
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Administrative director
  • Administrative manager
  • Administrative support manager

Administrative services, facilities, and office managers

These individuals are in charge of providing support for outdoor facilities and spaces. They may be charged with repairing equipment, maintaining it, and ordering supplies. Office managers will oversee administrative assistants, secretaries, or other support employees. Other title names for this position include:

  • Administrative coordinator
  • Administrative director
  • Administrative manager
  • Administrative services manager
  • Administrative services officer

Financial clerks

Financial clerks help keep financial records in order, which may include accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. They may also handle bills and invoices.

The unique thing about financial clerks is that they usually work for certain clients, namely financial institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other cash-handling businesses. Some other job titles you may see for this position include:

  • Accounting clerk
  • Auditing clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit clerk

Data entry clerk

A data entry clerk transfers information, or data, from one point to another. They are experts at typing and have a good eye for detail since they need to be looking at multiple lines of information and ensuring that it is adequately transferred to the new location. Some standard titles for this position are:

  • Data entry operator
  • Records clerk
  • Data entry specialist
  • Data entry clerk
  • Data transcriber

Bill and account collectors

Bill and account collectors handle the financial information or the company. They will manage accounts receivable and record the money that has come in. When bills are overdue, they try to find a solution to assist the debtor in repaying the bill. They need to be adept at mediation and negotiation. This position may also have the following title:

  • Bill collector
  • Account coordinator
  • Billing coordinator

Mail clerk

Postal workers fall into this category. They manage the delivery of all the mail. This includes sorting, stacking, and delivering the mail to the individuals on their route. Other job titles for this position are:

  • Mail clerk
  • Senior mail clerk

Executive assistants

An executive assistant is like an administrative assistant but on a much larger scale, because they provide personal support to a senior-level professional. In some instances, they will support a group of executives. They do so when the executives don’t have the time to complete all their regular responsibilities. So, the tasks of an executive assistant may mirror that of the executive to some degree.

For example, they may need to attend meetings on their behalf or take meeting notes. They will also manage their travel, scheduling, and general administrative duties. Some common titles and positions in this career are:

  • Executive assistant
  • Executive personal assistant
  • Personal assistant
  • Executive administrative assistant
  • Senior administrative assistant

Hierarchy of administrative positions

Just as in any industry, there is a job title hierarchy associated with administrative positions. These are:

Entry-level positions

The entry-level administrative jobs include tasks that are more generalized and have more variety, such as:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Office assistant
  • Data entry clerk

Mid-Level positions

A mid-level position is more focused on a specific field or task. It can require more technical skills. Some of these positions are:

  • Executive assistant
  • Operations administrator
  • Office manager

High-level positions

These high-level administrative jobs are more specialized and technical. They also involve working with executive- and senior-level people and businesses. Some of these positions include:

  • Chief administrative officer
  • Senior administrative assistant
  • Senior executive assistant

General salary and outlook for administrative positions

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall job outlook for administrative jobs is expected to decline by 7% over the next decade.

However, there will still be ample job opportunities for administrative assistants and other administrative positions, with over 300,000 job openings expected each year.