Addicted to busy: 5 ways to manage stress & burnout

Living in today’s society, we face more challenges than ever. With constant battles in our work and personal life, there’s little time to cram in some other goals like staying in shape. Still, no one can deny the feeling of satisfaction you get when you realize you’re on the top of your game and that you’re getting optimal results in all the segments in your life.

Such success can often come at a price, though. Increased stress can lead to burning out, leaving you unmotivated and will-less. Here are a few tips to help you avoid that fate and stay on your winning streak.

1. Take a nap

The simplest way to keep your stress levels in check is to get enough sleep. This is the one thing that usually gets put off and is the last thing on your list of things that need to be done when it should actually be the first.

No matter how busy you are, napping for half an hour a day is obligatory. It will give you enough energy to ace the rest of the day and will help your body and mind heal. Sleep is how they process and rid of the stress, as well as heal.

2. Have some alone time

Alone time has become a luxury in today’s world, but it’s a luxury you simply must afford for your well-being. You deal with people every day, inside and outside the workplace, and this can become exhausting after a while no matter how much of a people person you are.

If you simply can switch around a few things in your schedule to get some alone time, try waking up an hour earlier than you’re supposed to. This will give you plenty of time to see the day wake up with your morning coffee, catch up on your favorite Netflix show, or simply enjoy a moment of peace or meditation.

3. Discover the power of hot towels

If you want a quick and easy fix for your stressful day, here’s a tip you can easily start and finish any schedule with. Take a towel and put it in your sink, then let it soak with hot water. While it’s still damp, pat it along the length of your body. The process takes up only a few minutes, but the effects are simply rejuvenating.

It feels nicer and more relaxing than a shower while also getting rid of dead skin. This makes you look and feel younger and makes sure you start every day on a relaxing note. You’ll be able to face any challenge without fear of burning out with just a little time devoted to your body.

4. Incorporate exercise into your routine

Exercising is definitely the best way to conquer stress. The physical activity releases tension from your muscles and prompts the happy chemicals in your brain. It also keeps your body in shape and makes sure you stay healthy. That’s why exercising should definitely be added to your schedule. For a busy millennial, this is easier said than done.

That’s why it’s a great idea to take up something like cycling. This is an activity you can easily time manage, meaning you can cycle from point A to point B anytime you want. It keeps you moving but also helps you stick to your schedule. Just make sure to have the proper equipment so nothing can slow you down. Get a helmet to minimize the consequences of potential injuries, gloves to keep your hands comfy, and a mudguard to ride effortlessly despite the weather conditions.

5. Take up something new

More often than not, life comes down to a patter and a routine. Waking up every day for work and living for the weekend just so you can catch up on sleep make life feel stale. This situation has the power to stress us out entirely. What’s more, not finding joy in your daily routine anymore can be an early sign of a burnout.

All you need is a change of pace. Trying something new will definitely spice up your week and give you the will to move forward. Take that cooking class you’ve always wanted, try dancing, or simply do anything that makes you step out of your comfort zone. It’ll give you a new outlook on life and drastically lower your stress levels as you’ll be focusing on what makes you feel good. At the same time, you won’t feel like you’re wasting time and being unproductive.


As you can see, putting yourself first once in a while can only bring your good things. In the chase for our dreams, we often forget about ourselves entirely. What you need to realize is that being kind to yourself won’t slow you down on your way to success; it’ll give you a boost. In that spirit, take care of your mind and body, and you’ll notice how easy winning at life gets.

This article first appeared on YourCoffeeBreak.