Achieving work-life balance just another stressor for stressed-out workers

It’s National Stress Awareness month, and to celebrate (?), LinkedIn surveyed 2,843 professionals about what made them feel pressure at work. They found that half (49%) of workers reported feeling stressed in their jobs.

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The top 5 reasons for stress at work

Fair enough.

When broken down by generation, it was found that Millennials and Generation X were the least stressed, and Baby Boomers – as they prepare for a retirement in an uncertain world – the most.

Other findings

Comparably also did a survey about stress in the workplace. They found that more than half of all workers felt burnt out at work.

Their top stressors:

  • Unclear goals: 41%
  • Bad manager: 16%
  • Commute: 16%
  • Difficult co-workers: 14%
  • Too-long hours: 13%

Not surprisingly, one-third of these workers said that work-life balance was the most important workplace benefit.

Although if you look up to the first study, it’s a lack of work-life balance that causes stress in 70% of workers. It appears that the neverending struggle to achieve work-life balance is, unfortunately, also another stressor.

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