According to fashion trends, you should not bring one of these to the office

If you’re anything like me, then when you get ready for work in the morning you pack yourself like you are about to embark on a small journey.

I literally like to be prepared for anything. What if I spill on myself or just feel like changing my shirt at the end of the day? What if I want to walk home which means I need comfortable footwear? What if a friend wants to get a drink and I need to make sure I look cuter than them? What if I want to stop to run some errands or buy groceries? Then I need a smaller tote bag to go in my bag? What if it starts to snow and you find yourself in an Alive-type situation or, you know, just need dry socks?

And these are just on the days that I am not exercising after work which requires its own huge separate bag. In other words, I am a bag lady – and it seems to get worse every year.

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But according to one of the major trends to come out of Paris Fashion Week this year, the days of the big bags are numbered. Welcome to the year of the micro purse.

The talk of Fashion Week in February was not a dress or shoes this year, but a purse that fits into the palm of your hand from French label Jacquemus. It is called the Le Chiquito, and its measurements are 4 inches by 2 inches ( it retails for $522.)

Well, at least with this trend my back pain will decrease as this bag can only be hooked on one finger and can hold a mint or a piece of gum.

Though it should be noted that the label also featured several oversized bags so perhaps the designers just wanted to experiment with sizes. However, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been leaning towards smaller bags. Plus Virgil Abloh, Hender Scheme, and Acne Studios are all also participating in this trend.

Now, these bags are a bit of an exaggerated trend and will clearly only be worn by the very fashionable but perhaps it is a not-so-subtle Kondofied response to our world of having too much stuff and needing giant bags to carry all our stuff around.

Maybe you should only carry around things that spark joy and if they don’t fit in a micro purse then maybe you really need to rethink your packing strategy. Perhaps all you need is a small stick of gum to spark joy. Yes, your metro card makes your commute possible, but does it make you happy?

It is a personal goal of mine to carry less than Mary Poppins did in that carpet bag of hers so perhaps a micro bag is the way to go.

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