A second chance: Your [Chinese] New Year’s resolution

Recommit to your New Year’s resolution to change your career this year.

Yesterday marked the year 4711 on the Chinese calendar, the  year of the snake. Over one-sixth of the world’s population celebrated the  Chinese New Year  by gathering with friends and family to exchange gifts, play games and set off fireworks to banish the evil spirits. In the days leading up to the big event, many cleaned their homes from top to bottom in hopes of sweeping out bad luck and clearing the way for good fortune.

If you feel like your  career New Year’s resolution  has been plagued with bad luck, consider the Chinese New Year your chance to drive away negative vibes and start fresh. Haven’t stuck to your resolution? Now’s your opportunity to recommit to your goals. Use these three tips to embrace the year of the snake and land that new job sooner.

Develop a good plan

In the Chinese zodiac, the snake is considered an intelligent creature and deep thinker. Before you (re)begin your search, take some time to map out a game plan. Look at your weekly schedule and carve out time for each job-search activity. Give yourself weekly goals, such as a specific number of job applications or networking activities to complete so you can keep yourself on track. The more thought you put into your plan, the easier it will be to execute.

Charm your network

Those born in the year of the snake are thought to be natural charmers; however, they also prefer not to rely on other people. Now is not the time to alienate your network. If properly utilized, your connections will prove to be valuable assets during your search. Be the best, most charming version of you as you reconnect with former colleagues and expand your network. The more advocates you have in your corner, the more job leads you’ll uncover.

Find your power color

The Chinese New Year is celebrated with decorations of red and gold, which are thought to bring good luck and wealth, and frighten away the evil spirits. We all know the job search can be a rollercoaster of emotions. If your nerves are getting the best of you before a networking event or interview, consider wearing a talisman. This could be a piece of jewelry or other accessory that has meaning to you and will keep you calm in the moment. Find a power color that makes you feel confident and incorporate it into your outfit in the form of a scarf, purse or tie.

Your original New Year’s resolution may have gotten off to a rocky start, but you have the chance to start again. Rethink your resolution for the Chinese New Year and set a plan in motion to achieve your goals.