A quarter of tech workers think their current job is a big mistake

Are you having regrets about your most recent career move? Whether it’s caused by bad coworkers or management or because of company scandals or dropping stocks, many tech employees regret taking their job acceptance.

We asked them to respond with either ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’ to this statement: I regret accepting my job at my current company.

Here’s what we found:

  • 23.4% responded that this statement is TRUE, and that they regret accepting their current job.
  • 76.63% responded that this statement is FALSE

We also took a look at the results broken down by companies with at least 100 employee responses. Here’s what we found:

  • Snapchat led the way with 39.2% of employees answering with TRUE.
  • Rounding out the top three were Oracle (with 34.13%) and Intel  (with 32.04%).
  • Facebook had the lowest percentage of employees answering with 12%.
  • The two other companies with the lowest percentage of employees answering with TRUE are Google (with 14%) and LinkedIn (with 15.8%).

So, why do nearly a quarter of tech workers regret taking their current job? We can’t be sure, but one factor could be job burnout. In another recent survey, 57% of tech workers responded that they currently suffer from job burnout. The four companies with the highest percentage of employees who say they regret their current job (Oracle, Snapchat, eBay, and Intel) are also companies with higher than average responded employee burnout. Conversely, the percentage of employees at Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Uber (companies with the lowest percentage of employees saying they regret their current job) said they suffer from job burnout was lower than the overall survey average.


More survey details:

The survey ran from Oct 25 through Nov 1, 2018, and was answered by 10,396 users of the Blind app. Users could only answer once.

This article was originally published on TeamBlind.