9 Slack hacks you likely never knew about

Whether you see it as a fun tool to keep your co-workers communicating efficiently or you’re sick and tired of weeding through endless memes and gifs to get to your daily tasks, there’s no denying that Slack has cemented itself as one of the most popular workplace tools, especially as most of us continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.

While it’s pretty intuitive as a form of communication, there are endless tips and tricks out there to make communicating with your colleagues and staying on top of your own tasks and assignments easier than ever.

With that in mind, below, we’re outlining some of the best Slack hacks you’d probably never know about.

From getting notifications for specific words and phrases, to using Slack to receive faxes (yes, really!), these clever hacks for Slack will make communicating with your colleagues so much easier.

View all unread messages

Swamped with new messages? You can actually view all of your unread messages on one page with this simple hack.

At the top of the left menu, you’ll see All Unreads. Click Ctrl+Shift+A to get all your unread messages on one page.

The top will include highlights (the messages Slack has deemed the most relevant), and the rest will be in from newest to oldest.

Keep a message unread for later

Sometimes you just need to deal with a message later on—and if it’s already read, it’s much easier to forget about.

You can mark a read message unread by clicking on it while holding down the Alt key on a PC or the Option key on a Mac.

Change every unread message to read

Whether you’ve just gotten back from vacation or you’ve left your unread messages go a little too wild to possibly catch up on (hey, it happens), there’s a simple way to change every unread message to read and start with a clean slate.

All you have to do is hit Shift+Esc and you’ll get a warning letting you know that you’re about to mark everything as read. Hallelujah!

Get notifications based on specific words

It can be easy to have messages get lost in the masses on Slack but if you’re hoping to keep tabs on a specific keyword or topic, you can pre-select words that you want Slack to notify you about.

Click your name on the top right of your avatar, and in the notifications tab, click “my keywords.” In the box, you can manually add all the keywords or phrases you want to keep tabs on. It’s as easy as that.

Customize Slackbot

Slackbot is generally more annoying than helpful, but there is a way to customize the virtual distraction to be either slightly more helpful or just more cheeky and distracting with inside office jokes.

Any workspace member can create and customize Slackbot responses by heading to http://slack.com/customize/slackbot.

Integrate email

While some of us still aren’t over losing the office Gchat to Slack, others are constantly looking for ways to integrate more and more apps and services.

You can easily have your Gmail messages redirected to your Slack by downloading the add-on for Gmail and forwarding emails directly to the relevant channel.

Send a fax to Slack (yes, really!)

Still use fax from time to time? Slack allows you to bring the old fashioned device into the 21st century by signing up for a fax-to-email service.

From there, you can automatically forward the faxed emails to the appropriate or designated fax channel.

Activate a two-factor authentication

Dealing with sensitive information over Slack? Heighten your security measures by implementing a two-factor authentication process.

All you have to do is head to http://slack.com/account/settings#two_factor and click the setup button. From there, you’ll be prompted to either receive the code by SMS or through an authentication app on your phone.

Edit your messages after they’ve been sent

This one is absolutely key for anyone who’s prone to typos or reacting quicker than they should.

If you’ve sent a message riddled with embarrassing misspellings or you’ve said something you might regret later, you can change the message after it’s been sent.

All you have to do is click on your message, hit ‘More actions’ and select ‘Edit message.’ You’re welcome in advance!