9 Resume Tools to Update Your Resume in a Snap

Employers only spend about 6 seconds looking at each resume. So how do you make a lasting impression?

The first thing recruiters see when they evaluate candidacy is your resume. On just one sheet of paper you have to fit what you’re all about, and more importantly, why they should pick you.

At Ladders, we know how difficult this is and dug up some of the most useful tools on the Internet that will not only provide inspiration, but also help you construct or update your resume effortlessly.

Use these tips to help put you in the best position to land your dream career.

1. LiveCareer

Many jobseekers find LiveCareer to be a one-stop-shop. Not only does this website offer resume and cover letter building features, but it also has career assessment tools that match your identified strengths to specific career paths. The most unique benefit this website offers is the resume review section. For $19.95, LiveCareer will connect you with a professional expert to polish your resume with you.

2. ResumeGenius

If you have writer’s block, ResumeGenius offers over 50,000 phrases to choose from that are pertinent to different industries. ResumeGenius has helped over 9 million job seekers craft their resumes in under 15 minutes. Although the templates are traditional, they are HR approved. There is a LiveChat option and resources page for additional help. No wonder over 50 university career centers trust this site!

3. Resumup

Vamp up your resume with Resumup! The team here offers three resume examples (simple, ATS ready, and infographic) suited for different purposes. After filling in your professional experience, Resumup will suggest jobs that are the best fit for your background and skillset.

4. Creddle

Automatically sync required information to your resume with your LinkedIn account, then pick from 11 customizable templates.The auto-save feature and one-page setting makes this resource an easy-to-use tool. However, Creddle is a relatively new site open to further development, so some options are still limited.

5. KuKookResumes

KuKookResumes allows you to choose from nine simple, yet modern templates starting at $3.99. Each has a different color scheme and formatting style that can be further personalized. The templates are compatible to Microsoft Word, making editing a familiar and easy experience. Want you make a lasting impression on recruiters? Purchase a matching cover letter for a flat rate of $7.99.

6. Krop

This is an online portfolio website that caters to the creatives. The site offers a gamut of styles for resumes, including grids, photos, graphics and more. No coding or hosting is needed, and the template gallery continues to grow. Google analytics and SEO tools are already equipped, making this online destination a top-geared, professional portfolio creator.

7. Vizualize.Me

Companies prioritize visual aids as an emerging resume trend. Reinvent yours by reformatting it into a more relevant, dynamic, andfundocument. Vizualize.Me is a web service that imports your resume information from Linkedin and converts it into an infographic. This resource is free, but only the first 10,000 signups will have access to premium accounts.

8. LinkedIn’s Resume Builder

Professional networking is not the only thing LinkedIn offers. With it’s resume-building webapp, you can view three sample resumes and choose from 11 different template styles to create your own custom document. While other free, online tools only allow you to make one resume at a time, this one enables you to manage multiple resumes at once. The content is automatically transferred from your LinkedIn account, and from there you can choose what relevant skills to include.

9. CareerIgniter

CareerIgniter has certified resume writers and developers who can help you with any questions or revisions. Apart from their free job search engine and career advice page, this resume builder also constructs your resume after you fill out the necessary portions. Formatting is a breeze, and you are left with a well-organized, well-written resume.