Impress Your Boss: 4 Free, Easy to Use Design Tools For Non-Creatives

Get your creative juices flowing while saving time, effort, and energy with these four tools.

Communication through images has become one of the biggest corporate trends. Visual aids are now the “universal language” in marketing and business. Not only do they play a fundamental role in branding and content delivery, but they have also been proven to increase readership and followers across social media platforms.

Although the importance of visual aids is well-known, many professionals are largely unaware of the free resources available to assist them in creating aesthetically-pleasing content for their business. Regardless of your profession, these four free resources can help keep your creative game in check.

1. Grab beautiful stock photos from Pexels.

Meet the Kayak of free stock images. This must-have resource allows you to browse and search through a variety of free, commercial-use photo catalogues with one simple search! Ten new photos are added daily and you can search their photo database by keywords or popular themes.

2. Make lightning fast drag-and-drop mockups with Dunnnk.

Showcase and frame your digital products with just a few clicks with the Dunnnk application. Select one of Dunnnk’s many templates ranging from standard desktop screens to the new Apple Watch. Then drag-and-drop an image of your website or app into the selected template to instantly generate professional-grade, high-resolution mockups for use on any medium.

3. Create gorgeous presentations in minutes with SlideBean.

Microsoft Powerpoint and Prezi are great presentation tools, but sometimes they’re too time-consuming. Slidebean helps streamline the process by offering pre-outlined decks with guided suggestions on the content, visuals and structure you should enlist for a winning presentation. Slidebean covers every element necessary for a professional presentation, from a simple “five minute sales deck” outline to a full-fledged “fundraising pitch” template. The basics of SlideBean are free; premium features are also available for a low monthly fee.

4. Need Something Else? Find the perfect tool for any digital project with Makerbook.

Searching for the best websites and digital tools for creatives? Look no further. Makerbook handpicks high-quality digital resources you can mix and match to suit your aesthetic needs. Categories include: photography, mockups, graphics, textures, fonts, colors, video and audio.