9 great flexible and remote jobs for adventurous people

Some people are attracted to an adrenaline rush and if you’re one of them, you may be pleased to know that you can incorporate adventure into your daily routine through your job! If you crave excitement and new experiences, there are many flexible and remote jobs for adventurous people and thrill-seekers.

For those who crave excitement and want to inject it into their daily routine, there are many jobs that offer adventure in the industries of journey biking, outdoor adventure, sailing, adventure trip planning, and more!

Many of these positions offer remote opportunities, as well as flexible work arrangements. A remote position is one that allows you to work off-site and away from the office, but you’ll also find flexible adventure jobs that offer part-time hoursseasonal work, and freelance opportunities.

Check out these nine flexible and remote jobs for adventurous people:

Adjunct Professor – Outdoor Adventure

Use your background in adventure to launch a career as an adjunct professor in outdoor adventure. Teach adventure curriculum using team-building techniques and high ropes courses. Engaging presentation skills are a plus.

Camp Specialist

Work with groups ages 14 to 16 years old to find their own inner thrill-seeker. Assist with outdoor adventure trips, boating, archery, high ropes, ultimate sports, and more. Help students find new outlets to restore their energy and sense of adventure.

Content Editor for a Journey Biking Blog

As one of the remote jobs for adventurous people, you’ll develop and edit content for a journey biking blog in this remote, full-time position. The online content makes the outdoors accessible for those who love adventure and nature in this job that combines editing with your passion for the outdoors.

Context Docent

An international urban tour company is seeking a context docent to provide walking seminars and tours for groups interested in learning about the culture and history of a city. Currently operating in 45 cities from Bangkok to Boston, this tour company works to deepen travel experiences for globetrotters, backpackers, and sightseers.

Flight Instructor I

Soar through the air while providing flight instruction to students. Work to prepare flight students to become proficient and experienced pilots in compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Group Leader for Adventure Trips

Manage and facilitate adventure trips to provide an excellent outdoor experience for customers (and yourself). Help city-dwellers enjoy the great outdoors through group tours and activities. Tourism or tour guide experience is a plus.

Head Sailing Coach

Perhaps you enjoy your adventures on the high seas. Get your daily thrill by teaching others as a club sailing head coach. Manage the club sailing program, plan and direct team practices, coordinate team travel, and attend all home and away competitions.

Marine Technician, Oceanographer

Excitement and adventure can be found in the ocean as well through the study of marine life, topography, and underwater infrastructure. Use your engineering experience and marine expertise to assist with hydrographic, oceanographic, and topographic survey planning and data collection. Foreign and domestic travel required.

Race Director

Produce and coordinate races and events for this race organization that puts racing enthusiasts’ endurance to the test. If you long to travel, this could be the right position for you. Coordinate races with obstacle courses and other events, which includes traveling for 11 or more days at a time.

This article was originally published on Flexjobs.