9 free courses to take on the weekend to be smarter by Monday

Wouldn’t it be great to become a complete expert on a particular subject in just two days? Thanks to many amazing YouTube content creators, all it takes is one weekend to learn all you would want to know about … well, any subject, really.

While viewers could watch informational videos ranging from vegan meal prep to learning a language, there’s one course everyone can benefit from: career advice.

Job seekers, employers, and recent graduates have access to top-notch job advice from professionals through streaming platforms. Since content creators need to come up with topics for their videos to stay relevant, there are more instructional videos on any question about the career world than you could imagine.

For those looking for free, quick, and informative tutorials that will capture your attention, look no further.

1. Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier hosts fun, informative videos with graphics to make understanding the job search easier. Rayner’s personality is upbeat and lighthearted — perfect for anyone who may feel intimidated by the job-seeking process.

She invites guests to her videos and incorporates special appearances by her pup. On a more serious note, Rayner creates relevant content, featuring questions most people are asking, like wow to find a job during COVID.

She posts monthly, so this channel is perfect to continue your education on careers and life — even after your weekend study session is over.

2. Speed Up My Job Search

Paul Cameron interviews different industry guests to help viewers with free networking advice. This channel focuses mainly on three topics: LinkedIn, resumes, and networking with recruiters.

Cameron goes in-depth about each subject, with slight variations each time. While his videos aren’t as visually exciting as Raynier’s, Cameron provides his viewers with valuable information, sharing insight from other industry guests.

3. Work It Daily

“Work It Daily” is a channel hosted by J.T. O’Donnell, founder of the company of the same name, who has been featured on CNN and MSNBC and in The New York Times. J.T. does a nice job of relating to millennial audiences — she creates content on TikTok and utilizes Facebook and Instagram to spread her videos.

She also covers a lot of topics related to COVID and how young people can develop themselves in the early stages to grow in the future. For example, she goes over the questions you should ask when you get laid off. O’Donnell has a fun personality and great industry insight.


4. Andrew LaCivita

Andrew LaCivita is a recruitment executive who does something different: He takes questions from viewers and answers them every video.

In each episode, he focuses on one topic, like how to get rid of nerves in an interview, and creates a step-by-step explanation of techniques to try. LaCivita covers topics for all viewers, whether just starting a job search or negotiating a salary.

5. Self Made Millennial

This channel stars Madeline Mann, a millennial who gives advice on her job success at a young age. She clearly knows her target audience, because her videos are extremely well-made.

Mann uses a high-quality camera, has great editing to keep the videos interesting, and covers every question a millennial could have about the job market. Even if you aren’t a millennial, you can still learn a thing or two from Mann’s insight and infectious personality.

6. The Career Force

Jen Hood shares videos related to analytics and data careers, so her channel is definitely somewhat niche. But she separates herself by discussing different jobs.

Covering such topics as what a healthcare analyst does and whether a data analyst can become a business analyst, she has a lot to teach anyone searching for a career change or who just has an interest in data jobs.

7. 101 Mentor

Brian Yam shares weekly videos about spending, saving, and the job search. He discusses topics ranging from how to ask for references all the way to which jobs pay six-figure salaries.

He also tackles life questions. You know, “What am I doing with my life?” — the one we all ask ourselves at some point.

8. Jennifer Brick

Jennifer Brick’s videos focus on “having a positive attitude at work” and a range of other topics. Brick uploads weekly, so her channel always has fresh content, and she utilizes social media to help keep her viewers informed.

She covers tough subjects, such as workplace toxicity, but does so in a kind and relatable manner. 

9.Job Hunting Secrets

Hosted by job-hunting strategist Ian Jenkins, these free advice videos cover everything from interview questions to resume writing. Jenkins has a friendly demeanor and engaging presence in his videos.

The only downside to this series is that the channel has not had many uploads in a while (about a year). Still, anyone can learn from his not-so-common content, such as finding “hidden” jobs and how to answer tough interview questions.

So, which course is right for you? The good news is, they’re all free, so you can go through each channel, watch a few videos, and see who sticks. Some content creators are more engaging than others, and some will have videos that will relate better to your current job situation.

Whoever you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong — just a few of any of these YouTube gurus’ videos can make you smarter by Monday.