9 awesome work situations that make you say YES

We all want to be compensated well at our jobs. But, as we covered in our previous post, work can make us miserable even with a fat paycheck.

There are workplace situations that, for some, come by so rarely that they are worth their weight in gold, and they have nothing to do with the salary! These are the things that make any person wake up excited to go into work and more likely to work harder to perform their best.

Before you only look at the pay and number of vacation days when mulling over a job offer – or even if you’re decently content at your job and are just curious – check out these 9 awesome work situations that make you say YES.

Team bonding

Going to work every day is more fun if you like your co-workers. And having friendly, interesting people working alongside you is a nice bonus in the workplace and makes a dramatic difference in job satisfaction. Being able to bond with people who have similar personalities and who are nice and funny can make even a boring job more colorful and enjoyable and ranks up there as one of the best things to have at work.

Crushing a project

Ahead of schedule. Under budget. Greater return on investment than expected. All of these are what we crave to hear. Nothing makes a dedicated employee who has given their all more excited than knowing the project they’ve been working on is a rousing success! When it happens, it pays to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Invitations to play

Some companies sponsor an employee baseball or basketball team, while others have scheduled bowling nights, pool tournaments, and bridge games. If your company gives employees an opportunity to have fun and play, you can feel confident that you’re an integral part of the company AND that your company understands that friendly competition is a great boost to employee morale. Another bonus? You’ve been woven into the company culture along with your co-workers. Congrats!

Party at the boss’s house

Most of the time, an employee’s interaction with their superior is at work under professional boundaries. Getting a chance to throw some burgers on the grill and chill out with the big kahuna is a fantastic opportunity. With a more relaxed vibe, you can show your personality and get to know him or her better without the constraints of normal work hours and stressful deadlines.

Workspace Zen

Ample room for your desk and laptop close to your team members promotes collaboration and creativity. As does interesting wall art, nice use of color, comfortable furniture and even the presence of pets at work. The work environment has A LOT of impact on creativity and stress management, so keep an eye out for intentional ways a company makes life better for employees through the work environment itself.

Appreciation inspiration

Everyone wants to feel appreciated for job well done. Extra bonuses, employee awards, recognition lunches, and other special perks for giving 110% are important to an employee’s morale and overall job satisfaction. Your boss showing appreciation with a $10 gift card or a note of thanks goes a long way toward feeding your fire to jump the next hurdle!

Bodacious brainstorming

While long, unproductive meetings make us pull out our hair, a burst of creativity has the opposite effect. When teams come together and bounce ideas around until one of them formulates into a plan, everyone involved gets excited. Figuring out a way to shave a percentage off of a costly process, nailing a branding message, or figuring out a way to serve clients better has us all pumping our fists and yelling “YES”!

Family picnics

Companies that fosters a culture of caring about and considering their workers’ personal lives deserve a big hearty YES. Employees who get to know their coworkers spouses and kids benefit from feeling like they are part of a big company family. Periodic picnics where family members are included, along with other family-friendly activities and events enrich the work experience and build stronger team bonds.

Philanthropic participation

We spend most of our time with co-workers actually AT work, so it’s a treat when we get to change it up. It’s an awesome day when a manager says “let’s go make a difference in the community”! Whether it’s serving the hungry in a soup kitchen, building a playground, or walking in a race to raise money, giving back to community charities makes everyone feel good.

Choosing where to work is a big decision and your answer shouldn’t be only because of the salary involved. By asking probing questions you will be able to learn more about the way your daily life would unfold as a company employee. These 9 work situations would make your life happier and more productive, and help you say YES to your career.

This article was originally published on Kununu.com.