85 things I believe (above all)

I believe you can hold two opposing feelings at once – Heartbreak and Gratitude. Sadness and Hope. Adoration and Rejection.
I believe in sleep.
I believe that believing in yourself is the ultimate superpower.
I believe that we become what we believe.
I believe that grace will keep us from what we want in order to give us what we need.

I believe in stories. And their power to connect us.
I believe we’re here to love. Full stop.
I believe there’s magic in the everyday. Extraordinary in the simple.
I believe moments are what matter. Not outcomes.
I believe time heals. But perhaps not everything.

I believe curiosity brokers endearment.
I believe that women are changing the world.
I believe in the men who believe in women.
I believe giving away your power is the truest sign of it.
I believe you don’t need goals in order to get somewhere.

I believe the path is made while you’re stepping. Not before.
I believe in being the highest possible expression of yourself, always.
I believe that saying what’s hard is easier than living a life created by only saying what’s easy.
I believe a few deep breaths can solve most things.

I believe that writing letters to your future self is a form of time travel.
I believe laughter is worth searching for.
I believe some people are tidal waves – human markers of before and after.
I believe we’re here to learn the lessons. So let’s be compassionate as we do.
I believe kindness is the ultimate leadership style.

I believe the greatest magic happens within the four walls of a physical space.
I believe we all have the power to make someone feel seen.
I believe in soulmates.
I believe bedrooms are meant to be screen free.
I believe the future is female.

I believe words find us when we need them most.
I believe nothing influences us more than shared experience.
I believe laying down in a shower will make you whole again.
I believe in lifting as you climb.
I believe in long hugs.

I believe gratitude begets abundance.
I believe we can make mistakes without being a mistake.
I believe blending in is the worst malaise.
I believe that sunsets are worth planning around.
I believe if they’re talking about other people to you. They’re talking about you to other people.

I believe tears can cleanse.
I believe the best healers help you heal yourself.
I believe ‘letting go’ is actually acceptance.
I believe that anything is possible.
I believe signs and synchronicities are small miracles #universe

I believe we always know. Deep down.
I believe fear is nothing more than friction.
I believe expanding into who we’re becoming is fraught with discomfort. Thus, discomfort is the way.
I believe intuition is always right. And always there.
I believe our body speaks. And that she’s worth listening to.

I believe god is a woman.
I believe you get what you give. So give it all.
I believe there’s no greater gift to someone you love than believing in them.
I believe in giving encouragement freely.
I believe in saying no. And asking for more. And that both will be hard when you do.

I believe in dancing solo. And dancing together.
I believe you’re not alone.
I believe we need external validation. And that’s OK.
I believe art is an expression of humanity.
I believe the answer is often found in the midst of the mess.

I believe emotion is a great intelligence. Perhaps the greatest.
I believe you can feel someone’s potential before it’s realized.
I believe there’s a time to push. And a time to pull.
I believe “friends are the tapestry of our lives.” (Their quote. Not mine.)
I believe “one day” should be today.

I believe in the power of small. It’s where big begins.
I believe everything should be done with intention.
I believe true love is irreversible.
I believe stories engrave soul into our experience.
I believe our ability to listen speaks volumes.

I believe part of becoming is unbecoming.
I believe it always makes sense eventually.
I believe in clarity. Giving it and asking for it.
I believe that beliefs can change.
I believe life has no meaning other than the one we give it.

I believe living with less brings you more of what matters.
I believe creativity needs space.
I believe every candle lit is an opportunity to make a wish.
I believe a point is better made by asking a question.
I believe in being the type of woman who helps you find the answers.

I believe in knowing your power. And what costs you that power.
I believe people are our mirrors. Reflecting back all we’re not able to see until we see ourselves in them.
I believe you can slow down time by slowing down.
I believe wisdom needs to risk something. Otherwise, it’s a truism.
I believe. Because ‘I believe’ is a full and complete sentence.

Woman On xx

Write what you believe. And thanks to this divine writer for inspiring me to write mine.

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