8 everyday victories worth celebrating

Sometimes, it feels like the only accomplishments worth celebrating are the big ones. And sure, celebrations for engagements, promotions, and milestone birthdays are great, but it’s rare that you see anyone declaring victory because of day-to-day progress. We want to change that. Life is hard, and we all deserve to be congratulated when we make improvements to our routine or achieve some momentum with our big-picture goals. In case you need a reminder, keep scrolling to read more about eight small victories that you should celebrate. No baby step is too insignificant!

1. You’re communicating more effectively with your loved ones

For some, this might look like checking in with your parents more consistently. For others, this is all about being a better listener when they get a call from a friend in need. You know better than anyone what needs to happen in order for you and your nearest and dearest to communicate better, and you deserve a pat on the back for every baby step that improves your relationships.

2. You’re developing a better morning routine

Mornings were once chaotic, but now you consistently wake up to your alarm and go through a reliable series of steps before you head to the office. Whether your morning routine involves exercise, meditation, a healthy breakfast, a few minutes of reading, or even just a slightly less rushed makeup routine, it’s a win.

3. You’re learning to say “no” when you need to

No one wants to be the friend who never shows up for weekend activities or birthday parties, but it’s also perfectly okay to politely decline an invitation when you know you need some down time. Just because you can attend doesn’t mean that you need to, especially if your mental health is demanding a break. As you get more comfortable with the word “no,” you’ll be able to enjoy things that much more when you say “yes!”

4. You’re taking control of your to-do lists

Maybe you need a new system for organizing your tasks, or maybe you just need to do a better job of staying focused on your daily to-dos. If you’re making any kind of progress with that pesky list, we call it a victory.

5. You’re spending more time away from your phone

You’ve heard it from everyone from your mom to the wellness experts quoted in articles: Stepping away from screens is good for your health all around. We’re not saying you need to completely quit scrolling, but we are suggesting that you start paying closer attention to when you lean too heavily on your phone. If you can work on improving those habits, that’s progress.

6. You’re making time to learn new things

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut where you aren’t giving yourself the freedom to be curious, so if find yourself falling down a research rabbit hole or asking questions about a unique subject, you should feel good about it.

7. You’re cutting back on clutter

Have you noticed the piles of paper on your kitchen counter getting smaller? Is the surface of your desk slightly less messy than it was a month ago? Draw some inspiration from Marie Kondo and continue tidying up your spaces.

8. You’re making your hobbies a bigger priority

Being an adult can all too easily get in the way of pursuing the activities you once did for fun. Reengaging with something you love is a sign that you’re putting you first.

This article was originally published on Brit + Co.