75% of Gen Z are willing to do this shocking thing to make more money

We already told you that Gen Z, born after 1997 (making the oldest of them 22 years old) considered themselves the hardest-working generation.

But you might not have been aware just how hard they were willing to work. Online essay-writing service EduBirdie surveyed 10,000 Generation Z men and women and found that the youngest generation had no problem mixing work opportunities with um, play.

The (salacious) findings

The shocking survey results revealed that three-fourths (77%) of those surveyed said they would be willing to sleep with their manager or boss in order to make more money.

Not only that, but they were willing to fraternize and more with their coworkers in order to move up in the ranks. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Gen Z surveyed said they had made a pass at someone they worked with because they thought it would ultimately help advance their career.

And talk about strategic! A determined 12% of those surveyed admitted to engaging in sexual relations in a work environment to gain the upper hand in a situation.

When it comes to sexual relations amongst coworkers, Gen Z has an “everybody’s doing it” attitude. The vast majority (87%) believe that their coworkers are, or have in the past, engaging in office hookup culture in order to get ahead. (That’s not the spirit or the intention of the word “networking”!)

Meanwhile, 42% of Gen Z said they don’t find anything wrong with having romantic relationships with coworkers. Sure – an office affair is practically sweet when you’re not doing things like sleeping with your boss or your coworkers to further yourself in your career.

It has to be said: romance at work – whether done for romantic or pecuniary reasons – can come back to bite you. Tread carefully, Gen Z.

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