7 skills you should have to impress any potential employer

With the current economic climate, job markets become scrambled – unemployment is higher and competition is even more fierce. Because of this current state, the dynamics of hiring have also shifted.

As you look for a new job, you have to pivot in order to adapt to the current economic and job climate. That said, here are just some skills that you should have to impress any potential employer:

Communication Skills

One of the skills to put on your resume is communication skills. In any kind of job, communication is of utmost importance. Employers are always on the lookout for people with strong communication skills, both external and internal. Representation of the company, which refers to external communication, will depend on how employees communicate during presentations, meetings, emails, calls, and other correspondence.

In addition to external communication, internal communication skills are equally important. You need employees who can clearly explain their point of view in a very articulate, professional, and concise way.

Employers are also looking for people who can clearly convey ideas into words. This will involve synthesizing data and translating it into layman’s terms. You can easily show off this skill by writing a good cover letter and speaking well in an interview.

Graphic Design

With everyone on social media, employees who have a knack in creativity and graphic design, such as having the skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Gimp are all well-received skills that employers will be impressed with. This will come in handy if your company needs to create some social media posts.

This will also be very important when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Quantitative Analysis

Alternately, employers see value in people who have the ability to organize and interpret quantitative data. Being able to dig into numbers and present new insight will impress employers, making you stand out.


Leadership skills come in short supply. Leadership is a skill that comes naturally for some people, and employers look for that. That’s why when employers sniff this out of you, you’ll easily stand out.

Leadership skills include teaching, coaching, supervising, and motivating the people you work with. The ability to motivate people towards a common goal is a skill that employers are very impressed with. So, if you have experience in leading a team or a project, then you should add those into your resume and mention it during your interviews.


If a company isn’t online, they’re losing a lot of money. Hence, one of the skills that employers are very impressed with is coding.

Coding will enable a company to create an app or website for their business transactions. With a good handle in the language of CSS and HTML5, you can land a job in any company.

Since this skill will come in handy wherever you go, you can also add this as a skill on your resume if you had experience building websites or even apps.


What’s the use of all these skills if an employee didn’t build up resilience? Hence, another skill that’ll make you stand out in the eyes of an employer is your appetite for resilience.

Employes will look for people who have overcome problems and coped with changes gracefully. Employers usually assess this through your experience and during the interview. Don’t be afraid to talk about your hardships and how you overcame them because these are things that’ll also make you stand out to any employer.


Confidence is also key to have your employer swept away by you. You need to find that balance between not being too arrogant while exuding confidence. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can an employer put their confidence in you?

Employers need to see that you’re aware of the fact that you have something to offer on the table. Otherwise, why should they even get you? Candidates with confidence in themselves are usually looked upon with awe by employers.

This article first appeared on Your Coffee Break.