7 ridiculous job titles that will be the careers of the future

The Cognizant Jobs of the Future (CJoF) Index — a quarterly report on trends and patterns of industries — has determined what the most popular and trending jobs of the future will be this year.

While some of the titles are absurd, these on-trend careers are going to be the future of work.

1. Master of Edge Computing

It sounds like the title of a cartoon supervillain, but the master of edge computing role is much more complicated than scheming and dreaming. In this tech-heavy role, an expert programmer will “define the IoT roadmap.” This role is given the task of capturing, storing, processing and analyzing data near its source — instead of relying on computing data stored in the ‘cloud.’

Ideally, they’ll then use collected data to measure returns on investments, but there are other ways that edge computing can play out outside the world of finance. This dynamic and difficult role will require knowledge of distributed architectures, systems modeling, and mastery of the IoT on both hardware and software platforms.

The jobs in this odd field have skyrocketed by 28% in Q1 of 2021, and as a result, there are 16,270 positions available in the U.S. While being a master of edge computing might take a lot of training, there are jobs in ordinary edge computing at companies like Accenture.

2. Fitness Commitment Counselor

If your gym progress seems to stall after your New Year’s resolutions have faded into a distant memory, you need someone to help keep your exercise regimen in check — this is where a fitness commitment counselor would come in.

Using data collected from digital devices like Apple Watches and FitBits, a fitness commitment counselor will conduct daily, weekly, or bi-weekly remote coaching sessions to improve your general wellness. Don’t mistake this role for just an ordinary personal trainer, a fitness commitment counselor is more tech-savvy than that.

While there are only 575 current total jobs available for fitness commitment counselors, the quarterly growth rate has been astounding, hitting almost 29% in Q1 of 2021. If you’re accustomed to working in the world of health and wellness jobs as an entrepreneur, this may be for you.

3. Cyber Calamity Forecaster

Can’t get enough news about the latest Russian hackers or the newest cybersecurity threat? Then you’d make a great cyber calamity forecaster, a job that will keep both private companies and our country safe from the prying eyes of ransomware.

The CJoF Index notes that this role will require you to “make predictions to prepare for cyber uncertainties” and companies will be looking for prior experience in “forecasting/planning, with significant background in computerized prediction models and multitasking/cross-functional collaboration.”

In Q1 of 2021, the need for this job has grown 23.4%, and there are currently 23,600 available jobs.

4. Human-Machine Teaming Managers

Whether you’re apologizing to your Roomba for trapping it in the corner or cuddled up with PARO the robot seal, you’ve got to face facts: You’re a human bonding with a machine. Luckily, if you’re also experienced in C++, Python, or electrical engineering, you might be a good candidate for the position of human-machine teaming manager.

A field like this is exactly what it sounds like — you’ll be working to figure out how to foster the bonds between humans and machines so that we can work together using predictive AI software.

Robotics technicians and engineers, which both fall under the category of human-machine teaming managers, grew a respective 70% and 50% in the 2021 Q1 CJoF Index. In this realm, jobs can be found everywhere fromJ.P Morgan and Chase to Ripcord.

5. Business Intelligence Architect

A business intelligence architect will “develop and build technology systems that support business intelligence,” such as software needed for business analysts, data collection systems for business operations, and ways to track customers or sales. Think of this role as someone who’s trying to make your business work smarter.

There are 13,299 available jobs for a business intelligence architect, a 25.4% growth from last quarter. HP, Volkswagen, and Spectrum are just a few places looking to hire someone for this role.

6. AR Journey Builder

Short for “augmented reality,” the AR journey builder will guide customers through the ideal AR experience in formats like VR headsets, virtual escape rooms, or other types of immersive technology. They’ll work with engineers, artists, and fellow programmers to create the future: a place where augmented reality isn’t just sci-fi.

Qualified candidates need to know the “creative language/lingo of AR hackathons, and something about game jams, skins, surfaces, planes, “escape rooms,” SDKs, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and head-mounted displays.”

As a relatively new field, there are only 2,403 jobs available as an AR journey builder, but salaries can be as high as $180,000. The market is growing fast, and CJoF has seen a 36.8% increase in just the first quarter of 2021.

7. Genetic Counselor

While some families might be more familiar with things like Tay-Sachs testing, genetic counseling takes this concept a step further and provides emotional, medical, and scientific counseling to individuals or families worried about genetic predispositions to various conditions.

Genetic counselors can advise on everything from the “risk of an inherited disorder” to its “consequences and nature… the probability of developing or transmitting it, and the options open to them in management and family planning.” However, one must have a certificate in genetic counseling to become a genetic counselor, and many of those already in the field are doctors or have master’s degrees in public health.

It’s the most elusive field so far; there are only 93 genetic counselor jobs out there, according to the CJoF Index. But that’s a 123% increase from last quarter, so it’s safe to say this field has potential. Hospitals are hiring genetic counselors, as are genetic testing companies.