7 red flags to look out for in a job posting

Over the course of one’s professional life, one will encounter a myriad of job postings splashed across the internet. Most of the links each person peruses will fit within the industry or industries they are desiring to enter or have been doing for quite some time.

There are also the people who have been inspired to switch careers because of COVID and several other reasons who are peeking into the opportunities that are out there while still being stuck in the position they are in.

The number of sites that feature said postings are not only plentiful but also cater to the prospective employee’s particular needs. Some are more industry-specific (culinary, media, etc) while others home in on a dollar amount that they are trying to obtain.

Beware though because some of these listings have red flags written all over them. Be sure to check out the following 7 signs before applying to a job that looks to be the perfect fit for you when it probably isn’t.

1. Too vague

When clicking on a job posting you want to find enough content to lure you into uploading your resume and writing your cover story before hitting the send application button. If the job description is too vague to where you are shrugging your head over what it really entails then perhaps this is something you should exit out of immediately.

This kind of thing more than likely means that the company doesn’t have a clear grasp on the position at hand which is not the kind of employment you deserve regardless of where you are in your career.

2. SSI: Submitting sensitive information

Do not, I repeat, do not submit info like your banking information or Social Security Number to a company you are applying for until they officially hire you. Legitimate companies should (and more than likely will) never ask for this sort of thing until that crucial point in the application process is complete.

3. Glassdoor to the rescue

This goes beyond the actual posting where you’ll need to do some extra research yourself. Glassdoor is the Yelp of employment reviews where you can anonymously talk about your apparent experience at the place you worked for to your heart’s content.

If there’s a pattern of negative write-ups for the company you are thinking about going to then it’s in your best interest to move on and find something else.

4. Double-barred job titles

Usually this means that they want you to do double the amount of work at a salary that is much less then. In other words, the company is seeking to employ one person to do two jobs. 

Don’t waste your time on something that’s going to overly exhaust you while not compensating you properly and making you ultimately feel used by the people around you.

5. Job posting up for months

It’s good for anyone to hop on a job posting that went up within an allotted time frame like a week or even better 24 hours. If you see that the same one has been up for months then it’s something you should avoid. Either the company doesn’t know how to find the right candidate or they were too lazy to remove it from the website. Either way, it’s a lose-lose.

6. You can make x amount of dollars here

If a job posting says you can make an outlandish figure a year then it’s good to speak to the hiring manager about a particular amount so you aren’t let down. Generally, these types of numbers are used to attract a variety of job seekers but don’t sign on the dotted line until you know just how much you’ll be taking in.

7. No benefits, no thanks

It’s important for a company to list a couple of benefits on top of all the other things needed for the position they are desiring to fill. You want the candidate to feel that while they’ll be responsible for a variety of different things on a daily basis that they will be rewarded handsomely for them IE PTO, raises, etc. If it’s an all work, no play kind of vibe when looking at a job posting then it’s best for you to see what else is out there.