7 online courses that will help you improve your technical skills

In today’s workplace, constant innovation makes it essential for employees to keep up with the latest technologies and applications. Want to excel at your job and lay the groundwork for future promotions?

Check out these seven e-courses from LinkedIn Learning, part of the LinkedIn platform. Each course is available for a monthly site membership fee, with no extra costs necessary. With instruction on blockchain, cloud computing, UX and more, you’ll 10x your workplace performance and fast-track yourself for future success!

1. Blockchain Basics

Instructor: Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D.

Do you work in business leadership positions, data science, or IT management? Curious about blockchain technology? This quick e-course will introduce you to the improvements in security and efficiency that blockchain databases represent. Learn about the history of blockchain technology, practical applications, and risks of blockchain innovation.

2. Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts

Instructor: David Linthicum, Deloitte Consulting

Looking to explore the potentialities of cloud computing? Take an hour to enroll in this quick course, which will introduce you to the tools you need to take advantage of cloud computing opportunities. Find out what Saas, laaS, and PaaS are, learn about the data and applications necessary to move to the cloud, and explore the essentials of cloud monitoring, management, and security.

3. Learning Data Analytics

Instructor: Robin Hunt, developer and educator

This 90-minute course introduces basic concepts to those who work with data, both analysts and non-analysts alike. It begins by defining data analytics and the role of data analysts. Following this, it teaches you how to work with data sets and follow best practices for data analytics projects. Finally, it covers advanced techniques for repurposing, charting, and pivoting data and top shortcut and troubleshooting tips.

4. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning

Instructor: Doug Rose

As one of the most promising fields in artificial intelligence, machine learning can be very helpful in interpreting and organizing data, programming computers, and even discovering new frontiers in science. This 75-minute course teaches you how to work with data and apply machine learning principles, as well as identify different types of machine learning and machine learning applications.

5. Getting Started In User Experience

Instructor: Chris Nodder

Want to improve the customer experience on your e-commerce website or web interface? This micro-course introduces you to the elements of user experience (UX)—including design, research, strategy, development, interactive and visual design, content, accessibility, localization, and data science. Learn about various UX career paths, the practical skills required by employers, and typical job profiles.

6. Cloud Native Development with Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes

Instructor: Chris Bailey, technical architect

This e-course for software developers teaches how to go from merely hosting apps in the cloud to building and deploying cloud native apps with Node.js, Docker and Kubernetes. Centered on creating Node.js apps that capitalize on the cloud’s features, the course begins with an introduction to the concept of “cloud native” and segues into the steps involved in taking an existing Node.js app and packaging it with Docker, deploying the app to Kubernetes, and enhancing it with cloud native capabilities, including support for self-healing and metrics.

7. Power BI Top Skills

Instructors: Madecraft and John David Ariansen

This hour-long e-course introduces users to Power BI, a business intelligence technology that acts as a powerful data analytics tool. Start by identifying the difference between Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service, then continue by learning how to import and manipulate data. Finish with key skills like managing relationships, working with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and building visualizations and reports.