7 of the best tech products for working and traveling

Even if you’re not a bonafide digital nomad who works from the shores of Mexico and the coffee shops of Prague, if your work takes you away from your home base for any period of time, you don’t just need an extra work outfit and a change of underwear. To get the most out of working on-the-go and remain productive with your deliverables, you need to ensure your technology keeps up with your jet-setting. And hey, while plenty of advancements have been made in the world of laptops and iPhones, a bit of safety guarding is always recommended to extend the life of your devices.

From powerful charging stations and noise-canceling headphones to screen protectors that save you from spills, here’s what to purchase to ensure you meet every deadline and kill every meeting, no matter where you are:

For charging-on-the-go: Sherpa 40 Power Bank

After a redeye to London, you’re not the only one that’s struggling to fuel. Since long stints without power can run the battery of your computer and phone super-low, take this super-strong power bank with you when you travel. This thin but mighty device is compatible with USB and USB-C cords and can recharge your smartphone up to four times, a POV camera five times and a tablet/computer one time. When it needs additional juice, you can either charge it via outlet or in the sun, via its solar panel.

For adapting to new time zones: OneAdaptr Twist World Adaptor Duo

You’ll probably remember to pack your trousers, an extra dress for a night of client cocktails and your melatonin for dealing with jet lag—but there’s one small, important item that will stand between you and getting a job done: an adaptor. Depending on where your profession calls you, the outlet situation will vary. Thankfully this adapter is compatible wherever you roam, and will keep you plugged in 24/7 — literally.

For staying focused: Altec Lansing True EVO Wireless Earbuds

When you’re tempted by the clamor of locals in a London cafe or you’d give anything to lounge by the beach instead of commuting to meetings in California, a steady set of headphones can help you remain on task. As a bonus, these headphones do more than play concentration playlists on Spotify—they’re also weather and sweat proof and feature the ‘Just Ask’ technology. This add-on allows you to connect to Siri and Google Assistant, so you can easily call someone, inquire about the weather, get directions and more—all with your voice.

For a resilient WiFi connection: Skyroam Solis

As every traveler has learned the hard way, even when you’re promised a fast, reliable WiFi connection, that’s not always what is delivered. Your manager might know this — but they also expect you to meet your promises and your deadlines. That’s when this handy global WiFi and power bank wonder comes in handy. After you pay the one-time fee to purchase the device, you only pay for the days you use the internet, making it an affordable option. Featuring unlimited data on up to five devices at a time in 120 countries, you have freedom from roaming charges, overage fees and being stuck in a plan.

For fumbles: InvisibleShield Glass+ 360°

When you’re stressed about one client interaction and scrambling to make it to your reservation in a city you’ve never been to — fumbles can happen. And the same goes for when you haven’t slept a wink, thanks to timezone dancing. Let this front and back iPhone protection be your hero. It features a slim, hybrid glass that doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, as well as a tough bumper for any falls.

For endless calls: Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 8

Sure, you have your power station, but for something lighter to toss into your purse and get going, opt for this reliable and trusted ‘juice pack’ from Mophie. Especially for the days when you’re constantly fielding calls, you’ll appreciate the bump this powerful pack gives your phone. You can also turn the pack on or off, allowing you to never lose any power, either.

For keeping files safe: Satechi Aluminum Type-C HDD/SSD Enclosure

Transferring data when you’re at your office is usually pretty easy — but when you’re at a hotel and you can’t rely on speed? Not so much. To save your face in front of a prospective customer or the higher-ups, consider this device that helps you access everything you need from anywhere you are, anytime, up to 10 times faster. Consider this your one-stop shop for a hard drive solution.