7 everyday tips to improve your life

Over the past 6 years I went from:

  • In 5-figures of debt and completely broke
  • Stuck in a toxic relationship
  • Unsure of my purpose and mission in life
  • Working a job I hated
  • Struggling with fitness and health

To now …

  • Running a 7-figure lifestyle business doing what I love
  • Being in a healthy and fun relationship with an amazing woman
  • On my path and certain of my purpose
  • Building the body of my dreams
  • And having an incredible social circle

These changes didn’t happen overnight and they didn’t happen by accident.

They were the result of several small habits practiced consistently over time.

Here are the 7 most important ones.

1. Read a personal growth or self-improvement book

Simply put, leaders are readers.

If you want to grow into the person you want to be and achieve your goals, then you need to learn from the best of the best.

Luckily, thousands of remarkable individuals have detailed the exact steps they took to achieve success through their books and blogs.

Commit to reading at least 15 minutes of a personal growth book or blog every day and I promise you will see results.

Take action on what you learn and search for those one or two golden nuggets that can change your life.

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If you get even one piece of valuable information from a book, then it was worth the time.

If you want to know where to start, I’ve compiled a helpful list of the 50 books every person must read to live their best life to help you get started.

2. Express self-love

You cannot love and serve others if you don’t first love yourself.

Take time every day to express some form of self-love.

Whether it’s taking a long bath at the end of the day and listening to your favorite album or simply going for a walk and thinking about your goals and dreams, do something every day just for you.

The more you love yourself the better you will be for others.

3. Break a sweat and get some sunshine

If you aren’t exercising regularly, then you are leaving at least 50% of your potential on the table.


I recommend that everyone gets out in the sunshine and exercises for at least 20 minutes a day.

This will have a tremendous impact on your health, performance, mood, and confidence.

When I committed to training consistently, my entire life changed.

…. And so will yours.

4. Sleep 8+ hours

Sleep is one of life’s miracle drugs.

When you sleep, your body and brain repair themselves in a number of ways that simply aren’t possible without sufficient sleep.

If you’re currently stressed, depressed, or simply not performing at the levels you want, start placing an increased focus on getting a sufficient amount of high-quality sleep.

Go to bed before 11 p.m., sleep in a dark room, stop eating and using electronics 90 minutes before bed, and I promise you will feel the difference.

5. Do something you love

While this is another form of point #2 taking time every day to do something that you truly love is life changing.

Whether it’s playing an instrument, vegging out with some Call of Duty, or painting your next masterpiece you need to prioritize your interests and hobbies.

This will restore you mentally, emotionally and physically and allow you to tackle your obligations with greater ease and focus.

6. Work for 60 minutes on YOUR dream

Here’s an uncomfortable truth to consider.

You are either building your dream or someone else’s.


Take 60 minutes a day and focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Whether it’s building your side hustle, working on your freedom business, recording your next album, or writing your next book you need to do something every day that moves you towards your ideal life and goals.

7. Laugh your butt off

Life is too short to take seriously.

Learn to laugh at yourself and others.

Watch stand-ups, go to comedy clubs, binge watch funny TV shows, do something every day that makes you laugh your butt off and enjoy your life on a deeper level.

This post first appeared on Quora.