7 annoying work situations that make you say ‘NOPE’

A job pays the bills and helps us save for that next vacation, new car, or retirement. But it should be more, shouldn’t it?

What would be so much better is if we all had a job that we enjoyed going to every day, are interested in, and rewards us with satisfaction. Unfortunately, even when you actually really do like your job (for the most part), seemingly little things can sneak up and whack you in the face and say NOPE. In the worst cases, these irritations whittle away your motivation, interest, and enthusiasm over time and make you start wondering about starting a job search.

Here are 7 annoying work situations that make you say “NOPE” and start updating your resume.

Begrimed bathrooms

Dirty, stinky, with no toilet paper or paper towels? YUK!

Nobody wants to work in a place that has them crossing their legs praying for five o’clock, or limiting their intake of water and coffee. There are two main reasons there could be for bad bathrooms: 1) fellow co-workers having bad bathroom etiquette, or 2) bad building cleaning management. Either way – unacceptable!

How to handle: If you’re interviewing for the company, always use the facilities during an interview visit. Either ask when you arrive early, or request a visit after the interview.

If you already work there, report the situation to your immediate supervisor and to housekeeping.

Long meeting languish

Those yawn-worthy meetings that go on and on and on may make you want to jump ship. They eat up time that would be better spent on what they pay you to do, and frequently go off track into issues that have zero to do with you.

How to handle: Go into the meeting super-organized so a least your portion runs smoothly. If your supervisor is running the meeting, offer to create an agenda to follow for her convenience. If meetings are frequent, ask if your presence is required, while explaining how busy you are (give examples). If none of these help, you may just need to clear your schedule when meeting time rolls around.

Idea-stealing superiors (or peers!)

Nothing can make an employee hopping mad like thinking of a brilliant idea and having their superior claim it as their own. GRR!!!

How to handle: If your boss has a habit of doing this, only share your ideas when other people are present. If you email your ideas, make certain at least one other employee is copied in.

Speaking of superiors …


Your supervisor watching and critiquing your every move, demanding to know where every minute of your day is spent, and examining every small task can drive you bananas!

How to handle: Talk to him or her and explain how their micro-managing techniques is de-motivating. Ask them why they feel the need to do it, and take the response to heart. If it’s because your performance is lacking, step it up. If it’s just the way they manage, it may be time to get used to it or look for another place to call work.

Employees coming in sick

Cough! Sniff! Hack! If the co-worker sitting next to you is ill but drags himself to work anyway, it can be a real bummer. Not only does it increase the risk of you catching it, the noise can be a major distraction.

How to handle: Ask your supervisor to address the issue if employees make it a habit of rolling in under the weather. Suggest the offender be sent home so others won’t get sick. If that doesn’t work, load up on hand sanitizer and stay as far away from the sick person as possible.

No regard for personal life

Yes, you want to be a good employee, but you have a life outside of work, too! A work culture that expects frequent nights and weekends working or constantly makes you take work home can drag your mojo down, FAST.

How to handle: Be extremely productive while you are in the office. If you still get loaded down, tell your boss you will not keep taking work home all the time and you won’t come in every weekend. This one if difficult to deal with, because if being overworked is woven into the company’s culture, it’s difficult to change. Update your resume!

Lack of coworker hygiene

A surprising number of people don’t bathe, wash their hair, or use deodorant regularly. If one, or more, of those employees sit near you, the smell and appearance of the person probably grosses you out and makes you wonder why you bother.

How to handle: Ask Human Resources to address the individual, or at least send an email reminding all employees of the dress code.

The key take away here is: Don’t suffer in silence! Before you shine up your old resume, talk to someone in the company, either your boss or Human Resources, calmly about the issue. Many times a simply conversation will resolve it. If this doesn’t work, be prepared to look for another job.

This article first appeared on Kununu.