6 ways to make January a great time to reboot your job search

The festive weeks of the holiday season are gone, and it’s time to get serious about your job search again. January welcomes the opportunity for all types of goals – including finding the job of your dreams.

If you became frustrated with the job outlook last year, it’s time to embrace 2019. It’s a new year full of opportunities out there.

Experts share their best tips on how to re-boot your job search.

Make sure your credentials are current

The skills and experience on your resume must be current, and this 2019 check-list must include your online professional profiles.

“Make sure your skills and experience are up to date on your resume and LinkedIn profile,” says Brett Good, senior district director for Robert Half, where he is responsible for overseeing operations for the company’s multiple divisions throughout the Southern California and Arizona regions.

Good says having materials prepared is helpful when job-prospecting. “Don’t wait until you find a job that interests you to revise them,” he adds.

Audit your online presence

Be mindful when tagged in pictures from events like outlandish parties. Keep your digital presence professional, especially when looking to switch jobs.

“Update and enhance your social media profiles; these can help you get noticed. Also, make sure your online profiles don’t raise any red flags for hiring managers,” Good says.

Pack your resume with keywords

According to Christy Lopez, director of People Operations at ClutchPrep.com, most resumes are processed through an applicant tracking system and will be scanning for keywords attached to the job description.

“It’s important to carefully review the responsibilities and highlight what experiences have prepared you for that kind of role using keywords,” she says.

Aside from having the right keywords for the automated scan, it’s just as important to note that a resume will have to leave a memorable impression on a secondary scan, this time by a human, she says.

Even though the job market is strong, it could still take time to land your dream job.

“Keep a schedule with measurable goals related to your job search, for example, the number of job applications you submit per week,” adds Good. “Make sure to keep networking, strengthening your skills while job hunting.”

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your strategy

A job search can feel so robotic.

“Whether you ask a friend or choose to hire a career coach to help you, there comes a time when you need another set of eyes,” says Crystal Barrow, founder of Shape Your Success Coaching. “It’s important to ask someone to take a look at your resume and cover letter or ask a coach to listen to how you answer the most common and difficult interview questions.”

This new perspective can be just what you need to re-boot your job search, she says.

The first place many job seekers will go is to the online job boards.

“That’s great, but if you want to avoid your resume potentially landing in a ‘black hole’ and actually want to land a job much faster, you must diversify your application pool just like your financial investments or an exercise routine,” states Barrow. “January is the optimal time to reach out to your professional network, call in some favors, get introduced to someone new or contact someone directly for informational interviews at the company you want to work for.”