6 tools that will clean up your inbox


Raise your hand if your inbox can best be described as a hot mess. You have plenty of company up in the air, considering nearly every professional struggles with a clean-and-tidy email account. In many industries, the vast amount of communication between colleagues, clients, and executives is conducted via the keyboard, making it common to receive dozens—if not hundreds—of messages daily.

Though some people can remain productive with a handful of unread emails and drafts hanging around, others struggle with their working rhythm until their inbox is in order. If you’re part of the latter crowd, consider using these tools ASAP to tame the madness:


As the name suggests, this service is meant to take your crazy and turn it into calm, stat. For many, figuring out what items need attention right now and which ones can wait is a big part of the process of organizing emails. That’s where SaneBox is a winner, by using your email app, it priorities and summarizes incoming messages by analyzing the headers. Ones that you should reply to soon are sent to the top, while the ones that can wait are placed into a ‘SaneLanter’ folder. 

Cost: Free 14 day trial with subscription plans started at &7/month.


It seems as every place you go, an email is needed to participate. Whether you’re checking out at the pharmacy or you’re investigating a new program for your job, your inbox gets clogged with tons of messages you really don’t want. Or, you’re instantly subscribed to something, even when you didn’t exactly ask for it. What if you could give a fake email and it still worked? Enter, Maildrop. They provide temporary email addresses to prevent your inbox from becoming spam-filled. 

Cost: Free!


You don’t know how it happened but you’re somehow on the mailing list for everything and anything you’ve ever encountered, thought about or done. Sometimes, it feels like your inbox has a mind of its own, with new messages appearing out of nowhere daily. But the process of going through and unsubscribing is time-consuming—and well, annoying. Instead, try Unroll me, which clear out unwanted emails and combines the ones you actually want to read into a daily digest for easy-perusing.

Cost: Free!


You have an email account for work, one for your friends and family, one that’s just for you and another from your university’s alumni program. It’s a lot to keep up with, too many log-ins to remember and well, a pain to figure out when you should check what. To streamline all of your accounts, as well as your apps and workflows, consider Shift. In addition to connecting all emails, you can also add Grammarly, Asana, WhatsApp, HubSpot and more. 

Cost: Free!


Many start-ups and established brands alike have turned to Gmail’s professional suite. Because it’s an easy to navigate set-up and more cost-effective than other services, it’s an easy solution to growing pains and corporate communication. But, they don’t always have the best way of organizing incoming chatter. That’s why Sortd was created, to boost productivity and create an intuitive way of staying on top of everything.

Cost: Free, can upgrade to Pro for $48 and Team for $64


This program does a little bit of everything to keep your Gmail under control: from inbox management and scheduling features, you can work ahead easily and effectively. Especially for small teams that would like to reply from the same inbox, you can track who sent what, when and what happened with the follow-up. You can also edit email drafts together, in real-time. Talk about functional!

Cost: 14-day free trial, then a monthly fee starts at $7, depending on what you need.