6 tips to take to job video interviews like a duck to water

Job application has largely changed over time. Not that long ago, candidates could only apply to jobs that were comparatively close to their homes. Relocation seemed too complicated and insecure, and there was no Internet whatsoever to apply remotely.

Nowadays, job seeking has simplified, but it is still time and energy-consuming. The means for sending an application has changed, but so did the requirements to the employee. Candidates should pay attention not only to their professionalism but also to the way they communicate. Moreover, in many cases, live interviews have been replaced with video interviews, facilitated through platforms like VidCruiter. Some people believe it is easier to ace their video interviews compared to the live ones, but this is rather because they do not take such interviews seriously.

The fact is that to land the right job, one needs to know tricks and tips that would help with both live interviews and a video one. And these tips are different. As a result, we’ve gathered six most useful pieces of advice that will definitely help you go through a job video interview.

Check Your Internet Connection

Let’s start with something as simple as that. We know that there are situations when everything goes wrong, and your computer just gets stuck or the Internet connection breaks. You can never be 100% sure that the interview will go smoothly. There are always technical details. However, you should really invest your time in minimizing such risks.

Believe it or not, but failure to hold an interview because of the tech issues really annoy employers. Thus, if you can test your Internet speed, signal quality, etc., do it beforehand. It is better to have several options in mind if something goes wrong.

Create Your Own Environment

The weird thing is that the majority still takes video interviews less seriously compared to live ones. However, this is the wrong approach. Many companies do not want to waste their and your time for all the formalities associated with real-life interviews. Utilizing tech and special platforms, they can interview more people saving more resources.

Thus, this is about time you took your next video interview seriously.

To create a perfect environment, you need to find a place you feel most comfortable about. Take care of the background that will be visible to your counterpart. Ensure that your lighting is okay, and it makes your face clearly visible.

Do Not Distract

Turn off all notifications and sounds that can distract you from the conversation you will have. It includes both your computer and the phone.  Nothing really spoils the interview more than constant beeps from your devices. If you want to make it through the interview successfully, turn off the outer world for 45 min. The usual interview takes around 20–30 min, so you will not be out for long.

Take Time to Prepare

This advice is similar to the one that may be given for any live interview. For your video interview, you need to prepare as much as you would do for a real-life one.

Be sure that you will be asked some typical questions as well as some unconventional ones. It is a good idea to research some common queries and prepare your unique answers.

Do some research on the company you apply for, including its mission, vision, goals, staff, and achievements. Your answers should be more or less in line with the values of the company. Also, be ready to answer questions about your past experience, personal traits, and character, even if you’d better keep silent about those.

You can also be asked to imagine a situation from the future if you get the job. Your task would be to describe a scenario of how you handle tasks or manage stress.

Watch Your Gestures

Your body language tells a lot about you, especially to HRs who had tons of interviews already. If you know that you are usually nervous at interviews, and, for example, your shaking hands or chaotic gestures give you in, consider the behavior in advance.

You can go as far as to try to hide shaking hands from your interviewer. At least you have such an opportunity at a video interview.

Try to keep positive body language making your counterpart comfortable talking to you. It is better to smile when there is a chance.

Also, use the time to showcase your personality to establish a better connection with the interviewer. You can make jokes if they are universal, and you are sure the counterpart will understand them.

Dress Up Professionally

One of the mistakes interviewees often make is that they do not take their image seriously. The way you dress for the interview sends a message about your professionalism as well.

It is wrong to assume that for a face-to-face interview you should wear a suit, but for a video one, you can do with a T-shirt. There are equal standards for both types of interviews. Thus, take care of what your counterpart sees on their screen while talking to you.

Final Words

Job video interviews are likely to become routine because of their convenience and efficiency. They are more comfortable for both sides.

An employer has a chance to interview more people, while an employee-to-be can arrange the best conditions for themselves, also saving their time and efforts. However, it is essential that candidates understand that video interviews are now equal to live ones. They require preparation that includes not only professional knowledge but also the environment and some tech aspects.

To ace in such an interview, you need to invest as much time and effort in getting yourself ready as in the live interview, if not more.

This article first appeared on Your Coffee Break.