6 quirky gifts to inspire greatness in the new year

As the Santas in your life begin to request your wish list for the season, you may come up blank on the items you need, versus the ones you want. Hey, it’s great that you’re lucky enough to have most of the material goods you need to lead a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

But guess what? It’s also okay to crave some gifts under the tree, in your stocking, or next to the dreidel that have the sole purpose of inspiring you.

Even for professionals who are generally ga-ga over getting up and going to work every single day, career funks are bound to happen. That’s why small, seemingly insignificant paperweights, notebooks, sweatshirts, and other kitschy gifts can actually make a difference when you need a pick-me-up.

Here, seven gifts to motivate you to greatness, no afternoon Starbucks required:

For trailblazing new paths

Instead of looking at a missed deadline, a meeting gone awry, or a failed business transaction as a failure, consider the setback as an opportunity to push and work harder, no matter how many times you have overcome a limitation. For the nasty female who sometimes needs a reminder of her end glass-ceiling smashing goal, this paperweight will do the trick.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight, $48

For looking ahead — not backward

Had the best year ever? Congrats. Feast your eyes the next lap around the sun as an even brighter ride. Though a physical monthly planner might seem circa-2000 to you, many studies have found the vast impact writing has on making commitments stick. As you pencil in appointments, interviews, meetings and ideas, don’t skip over the inspirational quotes that are meant to motivate you to reach a new level of creativity and productivity.

Rifle Paper Co. 2018 Lively Floral 17-Month Planner, $34

For when you need four alarms to get out of bed

As much as you’d like to be a morning person, any sort of alertness at dawn is long gone from your genes. Though you might still need at least a few cups of coffee to make it to a 7 a.m. sales call (we feel you), this robe will at the very least, have you smiling from the time you put your feet on the ground. Plush and cozy, this unisex white wonder says it all: you certainly didn’t wake up to be mediocre, so go get ‘em.

Didn’t Wake Up to Be Mediocre, $95

For managers who always get interrupted

When was the last time you were able to sit through an entire hour at your desk, without someone pinging you for ‘just a sec.’ Managers especially are susceptible to interludes, when an employee needs to mull over something, ask you a question or not-so-subtly seek your praise. Luckily you don’t have to sigh and struggle through cold coffee anymore with this ceramic mug that’s the first of it’s kind. Much like those special plates for steak, this mug utilizes heating technology to keep your Joe at the temperature of your choice for hours.

Ember Ceramic Mug, $80

For wanderlusting when you need it

As anyone who has traveled knows, there are certain moments when you wander off the guidebooks and the top-10 lists and discover a patch of land and a community of people who take your breath away. Because being outside of your normal routine inspires more sunset and sunrise watching, and exploring, those Instagram from your travels can bring you back to a time when you truly felt inspired. Use this service to turn those treasured snaps into canvas for your office, making for both fodder and the chance to tell some of your favorite stories over and over again.

CanvasPop, starting at $29

For ridding of bad energies

Much like any other facet of your life, professional growth has (totally normal) ebbs and flows. If the past year felt like crashing-and-burning on repeat, you want to go into the next 12 months with a refreshed attitude. Sustainably cultivated wood from South America is often referred to as ‘Palo Alto’ and this set allows you to set fire to the bad energy of the past. Since ‘Palo Alto’ means ‘holy wood’ — it’s smoke is considered powerful enough to ward off bad energy, calm and clean your body and mind, and of course, bring good fortune to those who light it.

Skeem Design Palo Santo, $20

For trying to do it all

If you recently became a new mom, you might be struggling to balance board meetings, breastfeeding, and ahem, breathing? As both a special and stressful period in your career and life, a reminder that you can — and are — doing just fine is always welcomed. This t-shirt is great when paired with jeans and some heels, or worn on it’s own at home with a message that’s clear: Sure your’e a mom now, but hey, you’re still a boss, too.

Wife, Mom, Boss Tee, $28