6 ideas for getting yourself up on Monday mornings

Monday mornings are a drag on the best of days, but in some cases ducking your head back under your duvet after the alarm rings is an irresistible proposition. Perhaps you were up until 3 am talking politics and drinking cold Coronas on the roof of your apartment building, and you’ve only had a few hours of sleep. Or maybe you had an extra-hard workout and your muscles are aching. Maybe you struggle with clinical depression and are having trouble getting to work every day.

There’s no question that some of us are natural morning people, bouncing gaily out of bed with a spring in our step every morning and sitting at our kitchen windows with a cup of earl grey tea, watching bluejays flit idly from branch to branch. The rest of us? We’re invariably a little less spry. There’s no question – getting up on time every day is one of the most important soft skills to have and is essential to professional success. But how can we beat the morning blahs?

If you’re an inveterate night owl and just can’t face your Mondays without a triple-shot espresso and a hit of nicotine, these six ideas for dragging yourself out of bed may be just what the doctor ordered. With these tips, you’ll be arriving to work on time every day before you know it…although showing up early might still be a pipe dream. Feel free to combine more than one tip for extra effectiveness if desired.

1. Sour Beginnings

If you have sensitive tastebuds and want a creative way to shock yourself out of sleep in the mornings, consider placing this concoction on your nightstand before you go to bed every night. Slice a lemon in quarters. Take one quarter and spread it with jarred horseradish and the spiciest hot sauce you can stand. Then, when your alarm clock rings in the morning, reach over and bite into the lemon slice.

2. Rude Awakening

For a fast and easy wake-up technique that will work for even the deepest sleeper, place a glass or spray bottle full of water on your nightstand. When the alarm clock rings on Monday morning, reach over and dump or spray the water over your head.

3. Morning Symphony

Sound sleepers know that on our worst days, an alarm clock or cell phone alarm can’t begin to rouse us from the depths of our slumber. So why limit ourselves to just one? For an extra- powerful wake-up call, use two or more alarm clocks and set them for the same time. Bonus points: set each one a minute apart so you get a continuous barrage of sound.

4. Marathon Sprint

You can use this technique with Morning Symphony, or stick with a single alarm clock for simplicity. Are you the type to reach over to your nightstand and hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off? An ages-old trick for outsmarting this tendency is to place your alarm clock across the room or on the floor, where you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off.

5. Morning Shock Serenade

Are you unmoved by the typical beeping or chimes of the average alarm? Worry not – thanks to modern-day technology, you have other options. Why not hook your cell phone alarm up to a set of speakers and blast loud, abrasive music as your alarm? Internet radio platforms like Pandora and Spotify allow you to select a song of your choice and hook it up to your phone alarm clock. Perennial favorites include death metal or gangsta rap songs.

6. Niagara Falls

This technique works when nothing short of a nuclear attack can get you going in the mornings. It should be combined with several or all of the above approaches to make sure that you follow through with it. The night before your wake-up call, place a chair in your shower stall. Then, when your alarm goes off the following morning, drag yourself into the shower and turn on a cold stream of water as you sit in the chair. Guaranteed to wake up even the grumpiest of night owls!