6 cover letters that will get you any job (including templates)

Regardless of where you are on your career path, or what industry you’re in, crafting the perfect cover letter is a necessary part of seeking a new role. In addition to a resume and any requested application materials, a cover letter is a way to communicate directly with a company’s hiring manager in order to explain why you are the best person to fill their available role.

Fundamentally, a cover letter should address the qualifications that you possess which make you the perfect hire. It should demonstrate your ability to perform the duties listed in the job posting, as well as explain why you’re passionate about that particular role. 

You can be more specific in a cover letter and provide more detailed information than just a resume alone would provide. Not only can you tailor a cover letter to the job that you’re applying for, but you can also tailor it to explain different aspects of your career. Perhaps you are currently only available to work remotely and need to let a potential employee know. A cover letter is a perfect place to do so.

A cover letter can also fill in the spaces where your resume may leave things to the employer’s imagination. For example, you may have a gap in employment that you would like to explain upfront, or your previous employer was in a completely different industry than the role that you are currently applying for and you’re looking to make a career change. Whatever the case may be, explaining your career situation in a cover letter will help start your working relationship off on the right foot. 

Although a cover letter is of the utmost importance, they can also be difficult to write. Having to put into written words why someone should hire you can often make job seekers draw a giant blank. But reading through a few examples that utilize best practices for cover letter writing in various scenarios can help. 

The following cover letters explore scenarios that include a career shift, transition from self-employed to a company role, an employment gap, an application for a management role, a recent graduate, and working remotely. Allow these examples to inspire you to craft your own cover letter and help you land the role you’ve always dreamed of.

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