5 Weeks to a New You: Your Job-Search Makeover

Set yourself up for success with a job-search makeover before the summer takes over. 

Ladders Countdown to a New YouAwhile back I wrote a series of five articles called “New Year, New You” to help those of you who’ve asked me what you could be doing to improve your odds for success in the job search.

At that time I spoke about mobilizing your job search. When you think about it, just about everything in our world has gone mobile, from the way we bank to how we communicate with our loved ones. Even the most bricks-and-mortar types of businesses have developed websites (and perhaps an app or two) to compete in today’s market.

Similarly, the recruiting process has become more mobile. Job seekers must embrace these changes or get lost in the crowd.

Over the five weeks leading up to the New Year, I dedicated each Ask Amanda article to a new tip to help you makeover your job search with mobile in mind.

Believe it or not, we’re a mere five weeks away from summer!

Before your mind wanders off to vacation plans and suntans, take the necessary steps to move your job search in the right direction. Click on the following links to access each tip to mobilize your job search:

Week 1:  Look the Part for Your Job Search Week 2:  Mobilize Your Professional Resume Week 3:  Get a Smarter Phone Week 4:  Overhaul Your Online Brand Week 5:  Get Back to Social Media Basics