5 ways to reinvent your professional life in 2018

Before kicking yourself into high gear again in 2018, it’s worth taking the time to think about what you need to do to be the best version of yourself in the coming months.

Here are five ways to reinvent yourself professionally in the new year.

Apply for positions that actually spark your creativity

While you don’t have to wait until next year to apply for jobs you’ve always wanted, January is also a time for renewal.

So why not make 2018 the year that you actually go after what you want professionally? Start paying more attention to your passions.

Get a head start by doing your research on different employers you can really picture yourself working for, positions that are open, and try to find out as much as you can about company culture.

Get that side hustle and/or side project going

So you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While your 9-to-5 job doesn’t really speak to you, you’ve always had a passion for creating things with your hands.

Instead of stewing in rage about how your lifestyle or corporate job doesn’t give you the time or opportunities to do things like this, carve out time to do this outside of work in 2018.

You’ll find that once you get started, it might just get easier to make time for the things that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Or, you could consider picking up part-time work that feels more meaningful to you.

Don’t give these toxic work behaviors the time of day

You don’t want to be that coworker in 2018 — luckily, you don’t have to.

So don’t make other people feel bad just because you had a bad morning. Don’t be a chronic time-waster. Don’t send people irritating emails.

The list goes on and on, but one thing stays the same: you have control over how you act at work, so make good choices.

Transform your home workspace

Work on your home office or makeshift workspace early next year — there’s no need to wait for when you’re actually getting your spring cleaning done.

Come up with a better organization system, find little pieces that bring you inspiration (no matter what your workspace looks like) and spend some time window shopping or looking online for things that make it easier for you to get work done at home.

Low on space? Find things that minimize clutter and allow you to fit more work materials into a small area.

While it’s easy to get sidetracked while working from home, your productivity doesn’t have to suffer because of the layout of your space.

Definitely prioritize health appointments in 2018

This is at the bottom of this article, but you might as well put it at the top of your list. After all, your health is all you have.

So when you get that letter, email, or text reminding you to schedule your next appointment with your primary care doctor, dentist, eye doctor, or other healthcare professional, remember that there’s absolutely no benefit in putting it off. Especially doing this repeatedly.

A huge part of being the best leader you can be is being healthy — so your number one priority should be getting yourself checked out regularly so you can be a top performer both at work and beyond.