5 ways to re-energize your life and get more done

It’s hard. The down days, the struggles with moving ahead. They can sap the energy right out of us. They can fill us with anxiety, stress, worry, procrastination — the list goes on. Ask any successful person what their downfall is and sure enough, at the root of it is a lack of energy. No energy, no way you’re going to achieve what you want.

It’s the exact position I found myself in at this time last year. Launching my entrepreneurial venture, yet lacking the direction I needed, I sputtered. I became frustrated, cynical and even though I had some clients, everything seemed to look negative. It wasn’t about what I had, but about what I didn’t have. I lacked the vitality and soul that I know — when at my best — is the heartbeat of what makes my business successful today.

Maybe you’re sitting there nodding your head, as you thumb through this article and think of the creeping distractions that can rob you of your energy. We’re all one procrastination away from wasting more of our day, and fading into a less motivated and inspired funk. So how do we get that energy back?

The key to being productive is operating with positive energy and letting that sustain itself so that it becomes momentum.

Here are five ways that I’ve developed that can help you get it back, get more done and be productive:

Spend 15 minutes in solitude every day

List the 5 most important things you need to accomplish this week. Sneak over to the shared workspace. Find a solo booth in your office space. Or, just sit at your work station and pop on noise-cancelling headphones. Spend this time in reflection, speak positive affirmations over your life and visualize yourself doing what you want to accomplish.

Think of the people you love the most. Dedicate this week’s work to these people

They’re the “Who” behind what you’re doing. This holiday season, I’ve realized what a tremendous blessing it is to have two beautiful, healthy children. I literally smile just looking at my boys. They bring so much joy and love to my heart, there’s no better feeling in the world. Maybe you feel the same about the loved ones in your life. Do “it” for them.

Check off five tasks on your list that are easy wins to get the momentum going

This one is self-explanatory. Get some momentum going.

I bet there are things you’re doing well right now.

I bet there are things just waiting for you get done that you’ve been putting off. Put together the five wins you want to get under your belt, and focus on those five things today.

Ask a co-worker or friend out to lunch this week

Think of someone you really want to learn from, and take the time to understand who they are, and what motivates them and ask how you can help them. Then, get into a regular habit of doing this. If you’re unable to do it in-person, then get on a video chat. Make a connection! Lead with empathy. This will get you on an energized track to thriving.

Reflect on all the accomplishments you’ve had so far

Be genuinely proud of what you’ve done- personally and professionally. Chances are, you’ve come a long way. There’s a direct correlation between the way we feel energy-wise and the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Those beliefs, when positive and motivated, can lead to incredible outcomes. When negative, though, they can turn a promising day into a disaster very quickly.

Energy, on its own, can come and go. But we can do a lot to bring positive energy into our lives to rejuvenate our spirit.

I’ve started to think about how much I’ve accomplished this year. That’s not always easy for me — my mindset is often in overdrive in “Next” mode, which can be both good and bad. I can really struggle with my energy levels when I don’t stop to realize how many good things I’ve done. Not to dwell in that place for too long, but to reflect on it in a winning, confidence-building way.

Do you know the feeling?

You have one month left in this year. Reflect on all the accomplishments you’ve had so far. Meditate on that thought. Be genuinely proud of what you’ve done- personally and professionally. I bet you’ll see your energy levels skyrocket as you continue to win and make your big plans for 2020.

Chances are, you’ve come a long way. Take a moment, just for you, to soak it in. Re-energize and have an awesome finish to your year!

This article first appeared on Medium.