5 tips on how to de-stress

After launching in 1992, National Stress Awareness Month takes place every April. Throughout the period experts raise public awareness about stress, offering tips on how to relieve it as well as highlighting its causes and effects on the body and mind.

Unfortunately, most people experience stress at some point in their life, sometimes after a sudden traumatic event or simple dealing with everyday life.

Max Ziegler of Core the Studio is a mindfulness coach and personal trainer. Here he offers YCB readers his top tips to relieve stress.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way of incorporating smell mindfulness into your daily routine. Recent evidence has shown that 15 minutes of exposure to essential oils, such as bergamot, can increase feelings of positivity.

Green Tea

Green Tea has been proven to play an essential role in the way our cells fight against cancer and inflammation. Easy to incorporate into your day, be it as a breakfast refreshment or tea time satisfier, green tea is great for adding a boost of energy when necessary, without the intense caffeine high of coffee.

Take a Pilates Class

Simple stretches and muscle pulses can do wonders for decreasing fatigue and pain. With many workers sitting at their desks all day, lots of people experience work induced back pain. Incorporating micro‑breaks into your daily routine to stretch can have a great impact on your body and mind.


Take 10‑20 minutes daily to mediate. It will get your mind in the right state to deal with all that life brings and prevent stress and overwhelming feelings.

Social Media Detox

Don’t look at your emails and social media for a few hours before bed and at least 20 minutes after waking up. Instead dedicate the time to meditation, reading a book, watching TV or spending time with family and friends. This is your time to relax.

Amy Smith is a London-based travel, art and wellness writer.

This post originally appeared on YourCoffeeBreak.co.uk.