5 things you can do today that will make you happier, according to a life coach

Nothing feels better than happiness, whether you find it in seeing that super cute cat meme or simply by spending time with your friends. But if you’re still feeling down in the dumps despite the joys of life, keep on reading…

We know how important it is to take small steps to appreciate happiness, and so we worked with top life coach Carole Ann Rice, to reveal the five things we all can do daily to feel that little bit happier.

1. Do Something Kind

The lovely karmic kick-back starter pack includes but is not limited to: buying and sending flowers unexpectedly to a co-worker or loved one, sending a thank you card to someone who has never stopped supporting you, and passing on a compliment to someone. By knowing that you brightened up someone’s day, it’ll help brighten your own, too.

2. Get Your Blood Pumping

As much as we may love to share those studies that suggest we can be allergic to exercise, there are many more ways to get moving than you might suspect that can be major mood boosters. Dancing, running, swimming, even gentle strolls have a way of boosting the spirit. Try to do so without your phone or going on Airplane mode: go offline to give yourself a chance not to think, just be.

3 Relish the Small Things

It could be a piping hot cup of coffee before work, a bath enhanced with a lavender bomb, the tweeting of the birds, or a good book to curl up and read. Learning to appreciate the little finer things in life will make it easier to see the beauty in the macro.

4. Keep a Blessing Book

Each day, whether after waking up or before going to bed, jot down all the things in life you’re grateful for. It could be your friends, having a roof over your head, or even your new Amazon Prime subscription. Whatever it is, itemising it will remind you daily that there are reasons to smile.

5. Just Keep Smiling

Simple. Smiling is contagious, and the more your smile at others, the more they can’t help but smile back. Even if you’re on the train at 8:30 am commuting to work, that smile you crack to a passer-by might just be the thing they needed to see.

This article was originally published on YourCoffeeBreak.co.uk.