5 signs your boss can tell you aren’t listening on a zoom call

If you are multitasking on a Zoom call, your boss can probably tell. 

Most of us do not multitask well. It’s tough enough to focus on just a single thing, much less more than one task at a time.

If you are doing this on your Zoom calls with your boss, he or she probably knows that you are not truly listening. 

Your boss randomly calls your name

If your boss calls out your name to answer a question or says something like, “Does that match your understanding, John/Jane?” chances are they are testing you.

If you cannot respond intelligently to what your boss just asked you, you might inadvertently be reducing your chances of getting that next promotion or raise. Stay focused. 

Your boss calls on you and nobody else

If your boss likes to call on you during meetings and not anyone else, there is a good chance he or she doesn’t think you’re focused.

Your boss might be trying to catch you off guard during the meeting. If this is happening, start focusing more on each meeting. This is a telltale sign that your boss does not trust your focus

You are typing the entire time

Unless you are well-known for taking copious notes during meetings, typing the entire time is an easy way for your boss to tell you are not paying attention.

You might be responding to emails. Chatting with your coworkers. Maybe even just doing the task that you were engaged with before the Zoom call. But whatever you’re doing, typing the whole time is a clear giveaway.

You change facial expressions randomly

If you are reading something on your computer during the call and randomly react with facial expressions (like smiles, frowns, and especially laughter), your boss will notice because those expressions probably won’t make sense based on what he or she is saying.

Clearly, you are reading or doing something else and not listening to the call. 

You ask stupid questions after the meeting

If you are asking questions after the meeting that was clearly discussed during the meeting, then you’re giving away to your boss that you weren’t focused.

If he or she responds to these questions with something like, “We discussed that in the meeting”, then you know for certain that your boss is annoyed with your lack of focus. 

Zoom meetings have become a crucial part of running a business in the COVID era. It is easy to be distracted or unfocused working remotely, but try your very best to devote your attention to each and every meeting…especially the meetings attended by your boss. 

The little things add up, and if your boss believes that you cannot be trusted to pick up details, or don’t care enough about your job to focus on the call during meetings, it can negatively affect your chances of promotions and raises.