5 reasons why your boss should be let go from the company

Horrible bosses can make every day at work a nightmare — here are five reasons why your bad boss should be let go.

1. They cross a line

Given the current climate surrounding sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, this should be abundantly clear, but even with recent efforts like the Time’s Up initiative, we know that instances often either go unreported for a myriad of reasons or slip through the cracks as “an open secret.

But ideally, your boss should never be able to sexually harass or assault you and get away with it.

2. Barely shows up to work

There’s a difference between occasionally being away on business trips while representing the company, and hardly being in the office at all.

Everyone has to show up to work, but if your boss doesn’t, it’s hard to escalate situations to direct management, get all your questions answered, check in on how you’re performing, and put out major work “fires” that you really need assistance with.

When your boss consistently fails to show up to work, they also fail the team and the company as a whole.

3. Uses intimidation tactics to bully you

Steve Tobak, a management consultant, a former senior executive of the technology industry, an executive coach, and managing partner of Invisor Consulting, writes in Inc. about “the psycho-bully.”

“Some managers run their groups or companies like games for their own sick amusement. Okay, that’s not entirely fair. The truth is that they’re usually victims of their own dysfunctions, meaning they’re not usually aware of being egotistical, controlling, narcissistic bullies who treat everyone like pawns and act out their childhood traumas on those unfortunate enough to end up in their sphere of influence.”

4. Blatantly disregards company policy

Your supervisor honestly couldn’t care any less about it.

Author and career expert Alison Doyle features “violating company policy” in a story in The Balance on reasons why employees get fired, but this also applies to bosses.

“Policies vary from company to company, and it’s a good idea to carefully review your company’s policies when you get hired. Some companies, for instance, may have a policy on office dating, appropriate conduct in person and on social media, and much more. Make sure to follow these rules.”

5. People have a lot of bad things to say about them

Heather R. Huhman, a career expert, founder and president of Come Recommende and a hiring managerwrites in Entrepreneur that one reason to fire a supervisor is that “employee complaints are on the rise.”

“Something is obviously wrong when the human resources department starts receiving complaints from employees. Look for patterns in these complaints. Is the complaint always the same, though made by multiple people?

“Are women complaining more than the men or vice versa? Typically it takes an awful lot of dissatisfaction for employees to decide to contact HR, so all complaints should be taken seriously and investigated fully.”