5 office perks that are here to stay


Ah, office perks. What’s not to love, right?

However, one of the questions we all seem to be asking ourselves right now is if the recent rise in-office perks is just a millennial trend or really here to stay.

We were curious about that too, so we did some research.

What we found is that companies finally seem to be realizing that treating employees well and giving them good environments helps with employee retention. Gasps!

Here are the trends ones we think are here to stay:

1. Dogs in offices

Who doesn’t love a dog in an office? Especially when he’s wearing a hat. That’s right, no one.

Pets in offices not only help relieve workplace anxiety and make overworked employees take their much-needed breaks, but they’re also actually proven to skyrocket productivity.

“It’s definitely good for the work atmosphere to have a dog in the office,” Marie- José Enders, who studies human-animal interactions, told Business Insider. “Not only does your cortisol level drop when you stroke a dog; you also produce more
of the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel more relaxed and happy.”

Companies like Mparticle, BrewDog, and Nina Hale have taken the term “pet- friendly” to even higher levels, introducing “pet leave” or “fur-ternity leave”, which allows pet parents time to bond with their new additions.

We don’t know if this particular perk is here to stay but we wanted to tell you about it.

Other dog-friendly companies include Etsy, Zynga, Killer Infographics, and Mashable.

2. Nap time

Ever get the urge to just go to sleep at work? Me neither (laughs evilly.)

But for those of us that do, companies like Hootsuite, Uber, and Ben and Jerry’s are now offering full-out nap rooms.

Decorated with calming furniture and dim lighting, these rooms give the perfect
opportunity to recharge.

3. Unlimited Vacation Time

The thing about unlimited vacation time is that it not only makes us feel really good, but it’s also been proven most employees take roughly the same amount of time off as those with more traditional time-off policies.

Win-win, right?

Companies that offer this perk? Netflix, Hubspot, and PaperG to name a few. (Taking notes?)

In fact, at Netflix’s California headquarters, vacation days and work hours aren’t tracked at all. All that matters is the number of work employees get done. That makes a lot of sense (and takes a lot of needless pressure off.)

“We intermix work and personal time quite a bit, doing email at odd hours, taking off weekday afternoons for kids, games, etc.,” explains Netflix’s “Culture” description.

4. Workout rooms

Only one in three adults currently reach their recommended physical activity targets each week, according to recent statistics by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Since exercise is one of the few tools we have in our self-care toolboxes, that number is, frankly, alarming. This is why companies like Clif Bar started offering full-service on-site gyms, complete with rock walls.

Clif Bar employees all have access to group fitness classes, personal trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.

In the same vein, health wellness services company TotalWellness offers its employees “on the clock” exercise time for 30 minutes each day.

More companies that offer exercise perks? General Electric, Twitter, and Zappos.

5. Massages and yoga

Recent research by Mayo Clinic found that massage has the ability to greatly reduce the symptoms of mental illness. In the study, 38 nurses were given chair massages once a week for two and a half months.

The nurses noted improvements in their mental health symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, and sleep disorders.

The reason massages help is that they greatly increase blood circulation, leading to higher dopamine levels. It’s the little things that make the biggest differences – both to our health and our loyalty to a position.