5 new books I’m reading to boost my career and life this fall

You know I’m a book-lover, but this past summer I haven’t been able to read too many new books because I’ve been writing my own! So this fall I have some catching up to do! The good news is, there are so many great new career books out! I’ve got quite the reading list on my nightstand already.

Here are 5 books on my must-read list this fall:

Some are by gal pals like Maxie McCoy, favorite authors like Brene Brown, and some are delightful new finds. I hope you’ll join me as I devour these books, page-by-page. And I welcome your recommendations on books you’ve been loving lately, too!

Well … That Escalated Quickly by Franchesca Ramsey

I’ve been following Franchesca ever since her viral ‘Sh-t Girls White Girls Say to Black Girls‘ video took the internet by storm. This book – her very first – is in many ways the story of what happened since then. Her subtitle sums it up best: Memoirs and Mistakes of An Accidental Activist. 

I’m excited to hear Franchesca’s perspective on “call-out culture” and sharing your voice on the Internet. This topic hits home, especially as I’m pushing myself to be more vocal about my politics and personal life online.

You’re Not Lost by Maxie McCoy

Maxie and I go back to Bossed Up’s very beginning. Odds are, you’ve heard her recent interview and boss tip on the Bossed Up podcast, too. Her book is really for people who find themselves at an inflection point or proverbial fork in the road.

As I’ve evolved my business over the years, there are plenty of months when I’m struggling to find my way. I’m excited to hear how Maxie guides readers like me through that fog and into the light.

Work Party by Jaclyn Johnson

To be honest, I don’t know Jaclyn Johnson well at all. But it’s hard to miss what a major player she’s become in the women’s conference scene. Her company, Create & Cultivate, took the conference circuit by storm with celebrity-laden, made-for-Instagram events that take “millennial pink” to a whole new level.

I wanna hear the backstory and learn what motivates this media maven, which is what her book is all about.

A Year Off by Alexandra and David Brown

In our recent community survey, you inspired me to think more about how travel fits into the Bossed Up lifestyle. Having taken my first trip out of the country in 10 years (!!!) to Colombia with my mother this past March, I know exactly how profound taking time off can be. And like so many of you, I want a helluva lot more of it.

That’s why this new book about a couple who quit their jobs, walked away from their day-to-day lives, and traveled for an entire year together is SO intriguing to me! First tipped off by the fabulously talented Ann Shen on Instagram, I was delighted to discover a new book that’s “one part travel guide, one part travel essays and photos, and one part memoir.” It covers the practical how-to’s on how to fund a year of travel, as well as telling the story of how these two people who only knew each other for a few months decided to make this daring move together.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Is it me or is Brene Brown like a modern day fairy godmother? She’s so wise and comforting, and yet she challenges us to evolve and grow all at the same time. I just love her.

As such, her previous books are always on my round-up reading lists (especially Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection, which I can say without exaggerating: they changed my life). But I’m especially thrilled to see she’s finally wading directly into the world of leadership and culture change – that’s my jam!

In the era of leadership we find ourselves in now, we could all use a few lessons from this real-talkin’ Texan. I can’t wait to hear her take on the issues I find myself thinking about a lot: culture change, leading with courage, and creating organizations where all people can thrive.

What’s on your reading list this fall?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What books do you recommend I add to my list? Do you want to read along with me? If so, perhaps I can do some Insta lives later this quarter talking through my reviews of these rad reads. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I’m excited to read all the books detailed here, which is why I’m recommending them. That said, some of the offers above also include Amazon affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I may earn money when you click through to make purchase. This article first appeared on Bossed Up.