5 hacks this 26-year-old CEO uses to survive traveling all the time

Though the life of a young, successful entrepreneur sounds glamorous, it is also a considerable amount of work. Beatrice Fischel-Bock knows this first hand as the CEO and Co-Founder of Hutch, a virtual decorating and e-commerce platform that is reimagining how to conceptualize home decor with on-demand templates (it makes redoing your living room as easy as swiping right and left) is constantly on the move.

The 26 -year-old launched Hutch in 2012 during her final year at George Washington University after coming to the realization that interior design was an untapped resource in the technology sector. She soon began virtually designing her friend’s apartments — earning $1 million in revenue, while still in school.

Shortly following graduation, she appeared on Shark Tank to pitch the concept and piqued the interest of Tinder Founder Sean Rad, who helped raise $2.2 million in pre-seed funding. Immediately following that round, she raised an additional $5 million of funding in a seed sound led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. In July of 2017, she closed a Series A funding round for $10 million from real estate platform Zillow.

Based in LA, she travels to New York at least a few times a month for meetings and press and to see her fiance who is in medical school. As someone who travels regularly and then has to walk off the plane and be ready to go, go, go she has come up with a few hacks over the years.

“It’s definitely been a work in progress figuring out how to keep on top of everything when I’m traveling bi-coastally so often. At first, I tried to fit everything in all the time. I burned out very quickly and learned that I needed to pace myself,” she told Ladders.

Here are some of her best hacks.

Sleep it off

“One big thing is that I block out the evening before and the evening after I travel to allow me a good nights sleep to recuperate.”

Work it out

“I’m working on is going to a yoga class before work after a flight in order to get to my back stretched out and reenergize.”

“My schedule varies week to week but in general I’m in LA for about 2 to 3 weeks at a time. When I’m in town, I’m in the office everyday but often in and out during the day for meetings. I meet with different departments weekly and try to do one-on-ones with everyone at least once a month. I also have a lot of evening events or dinners to attend during the week. If I have a decent sprint in LA, I try to get into a workout schedule — one hike,  one SoulCycle and one yoga a week. This covers being in nature, doing something of high intensity, and then something energizing.”

No wine-ing

“My third hack has been to not have any wine both before and during a flight. I usually take the red-eye and used to have a glass of wine at the airport, but it’s not worth drying out and disrupting any sleep I might get.”

Pillow time

“My fourth hack is that I am now that person who carries a neck pillow AND back pillow. Getting sleep on the flight makes or breaks my next few days so it’s worth it to be extra comfortable.”

Be mindless

“Lastly, mindfulness or more specifically mindLESSness, aka taking time to just be. I put my phone away in a drawer and force myself to decompress, maybe read a book, but overall try not to think. I find that I am much more creative after a digital detox, even if it’s just for an hour on a Sunday.”