5 habit tracking apps that will put you ahead of your 2021 goals

The new year is the perfect time to set fresh goals and expectations for yourself—but more often than not we allow our New Year’s resolutions to fall by the wayside a few weeks into January.

That shouldn’t be the case—and it doesn’t have to be if you find the right form of motivation and accountability.

Whether you’re hoping to get into the best shape of your life, you want to finally get into mindful meditation, or you just want to ensure your existing healthy habits stay with you into the new year, a habit tracking app is one of the best ways to ensure you stay accountable to yourself long enough to see results and make your goals a habit.

Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of the best apps to get you started.

These habit tracking apps will help put you ahead of your 2021 goals by keeping you accountable to an exterior force—without feeling overwhelming your already busy schedule or feeling like a burden.


If you were there for Pokemon Go, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, or even Angry Birds and Farmville, chances are pretty good that you’ll resonate with Habitica.

This playful habit tracking app takes the stress out of building habits—otherwise known as “gamifying your life” while making your personal goals and habits feel like a real life video game.


Looking for something subtle to help you along your way to your 2021 goals?

Habitify is a minimal, data-driven option that will motivate you without feeling too cheesy or personal-development based.

The no-nonsense app is made for the analytical minded goal setter who wants to look at their life goals like it’s a business.


Hoping to finally hit your goal weight? MyFitnessPal takes the mystery out of weight loss and pretty much allows you to eat whatever you want while still losing weight.

All you have to do is remember to clock what you eat and how much you work out and the app will automatically calculate your projected weight loss based on your daily habits.


Calm is having a moment this year—and for good reason. The leading mindfulness and meditation app is packed with anxiety-busting techniques like calming sleep stories and a variety of guided meditations.

If you’ve always wanted to add meditation into your routine, this is going to be your best bet. The app offers several day-by-day programs that will help you make mindfulness a daily practice without feeling like a huge undertaking (it only takes 10 minutes a day!).


Sometimes it takes a motivational buddy to really take your goals and healthy habits to the next level—and while your partner or colleague may offer to be your accountability person, there’s something about the anonymity of a coach that just makes you want to ditch any remaining excuses and really show up for yourself.

That’s where Coach.me comes in. This interactive app will actually pair you with a specialized coach to help you stay on track and really make progress on your most ambitious goals.