5 great ways to unwind after a long day

From a hectic work schedule to general everyday stresses, it’s common to feel a tad overwhelmed after a long day and consequently turning to that glass of red for de-stressing. Stop! It’s utterly important for our wellbeing and state of mind to take steps to switch off and spend quality time doing something you enjoy at the end of a long working day (that doesn’t require that glass of wine), as not doing so can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

If you’re struggling to unwind after a manic day and need some tips, take a look at these ideas of things you can try straight away.

Try meditation

Spending some time meditating can be a great way to prepare your body and mind for some downtime. Even if you’re new to meditation, there are plenty of great apps and online tutorials to help you, such as guided meditation tracks. Find a quiet spot for this, and set up a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles or some calming incense. If you live with other people, you might want to let them know not to disturb you while meditating by placing a sign on your door or giving them a heads up beforehand.

Binge your favorite show

Sometimes the best way to switch off is to just cozy up in front of the TV or the laptop with your favorite movie or Netflix show. Spend your evening on your sofa with a hot chocolate, blanket, maybe some snacks, and zone out watching something you love. Helping your brain to focus on something other than work or anything else that’s dominating your thoughts is a sure-fire way to unwind.

Get creative

For a lot of people, painting or drawing is a hobby that helps people feel relaxed and zone out after a hard day. There are meditative qualities that come with creativity as it can provide the perfect excuse to switch off from technology and focus your attention on making something beautiful. Why not stock up on some high-quality art supplies from Zen Art Supplies, find a quiet area, lay down some newspaper or old sheets to avoid any messiness, and get painting!

Go for a walk

Provided the weather is on your side, taking a nice relaxing walk can be very therapeutic and a good way to clear your head. Try and walk somewhere where there’s a lot of nature, such as through a park or along the beach. If you have a friend who can walk with you, even better! This way you can spend time chatting and catching up with your BFF all while getting some exercise and fresh air!

Get an early night

Sleep is one of the most restorative activities on the planet. If you’ve had a particularly stressful day and you’re feeling exhausted by the time you get home, there’s nothing wrong with putting everything on hold and getting an early night. Focus on creating a calming bedtime ritual such as taking a hot bath, putting on fresh pajamas, changing to new fresh sheets and reading in bed until you feel sleepy. You can also put up some fairy lights and spray some calming chamomile spray on your pillows. Those eight hours sleep a night are vital, so make sure you do whatever you can to get them!

This article first appeared on YourCoffeeBreak.