5 foolproof ways to stay productive when working from home

When working from home, it can be hard to stay focused. Procrastination temptation is everywhere, whether it’s that funny cat video your friend tagged you in on Facebook, that Netflix series calling your name or that growing mountain of laundry you’ve been meaning to sort for weeks. Thankfully, there are a few simple productivity hacks you can use to keep yourself on track. Read on for 5 foolproof ways to stay productive when you work from home.

An app a day keeps the procrastination away

Website blocking apps like Freedom and Self Control curtail the amount of time you can spend scrolling aimlessly through social media. Meanwhile, apps like  Write or Die and The Most Dangerous Writing App keep you on track by giving you consequences if you stop working (like deleting your work!) Timer apps like Pomodone are also great for enforcing the Pomodoro method — where you work uninterrupted on one task for a set amount of time (usually around half an hour) as well as timed breaks. You’d be amazed at what a little delayed gratification can do to keep you productive!


Use a Reward System

Speaking of delayed gratification, a great way to stay motivated when working from home is to implement a reward system.  For every task you get done, you get a reward after each block of time.  It can be anything from a social media break, a snack or a chance to stretch and pat your pet. Whatever works! Having a goal or reward to work towards helps the brain stay focused on the task at hand.

Implement a Routine

Another trick to staying focused when working from home is to implement a routine.  Get up at a set time, shower, and get dressed as if you were going to work, eat your breakfast,  then sit at your desk to get working.  This helps the brain say, ‘okay we are in work mode now.’ Whereas, although though it’s fun and comfy,  working in our PJs feels too much like a lazy Sunday! Having a tidy, set workspace also helps with this — a space separate from the fun parts of our lives that is just work focused without any distractions.

Get Out Of The House

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stay in the house. Grab your laptop and head to your local park, library, a cafe or co-working space. A change in scenery can work wonders for your creativity and productivity.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Whether it’s an app or just good ol’ pen and paper, never underestimate the importance of having a to-do list. However, even more, important than having a to-do list is prioritizing it (some great tips on that in this article!) By picking just 3 super important priorities each day that you absolutely need to get done, you’ll end each day feeling like you’ve accomplished something.

This article originally appeared on A Girl in Progress.