5 cities that will pay you up to $10,000 to move there and work remotely

Say you’re working for a company you want to grow with. Life was great before the pandemic; the office culture felt progressive and fun, the coworkers were a fun group to bounce out after work with, and your commute was a whopping 20 minutes each way. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Then, of course, came the pandemic which changed the way in which we’ll forever work. Remote working seemed like a juggling act in the beginning, but your company started to grasp it, and maybe even embraced it. They notified employees that the office will be no more; you can work remotely forever.

So, where will you go?

While working remotely for a month or two in some faraway land sounds pretty nice about now, cities around the country are offering workers pretty large sums of money — up to $10,000 — to relocate there. From Alaska to Georgia, these are the cities that are offering workers cash to pack up and move there as soon as possible.

Natchez, Mississippi

Part of the “Shift South” program, which is designed to get remote workers in different cities, the city of Natchez in Adams County is offering remote workers incentive packages worth up to $6,000. Applicants interested can apply online, but there’s a few things you should know first. In order to receive the payment, applicants must establish residency either in Natchez or someplace in Adams County. You will also have to buy a home worth at least $150,000, and plan to live there for at least a year.

“The city of Natchez, Adams County, Visit Natchez, and Natchez, Inc. are all working together on something that will bring new life to Natchez and remote workers who have lost the luster for large cities and would rather be domiciled here in our jewel of a town,” city mayor Dan Gibson said recently.

Hamilton, Ohio

For recent college graduates, Hamilton might be the place for you.
The Talent Attraction Program Scholarship offers to pay up to $10,000 of young graduates’ student loans over a 30-month period if graduates carry a STEAM (science, technology, engineerings, arts, or math) degree. Applicants will have to live in Hamilton or Butler County proper.

Savannah, Georgia

There’s nothing like Savannah, a historic city with beaches just a stones throw outside the iconic downtown district. Remote workers looked to leave congested cities can think about the Southern charm, which is offering $2,000 to tech workers tempted to trying Southern life.

The move, which was introduced in May of 2020, offers remote technology workers a $2,000 relocation reimbursement. Applicants must have at least three years of experience and be willing to purchase one-year lease in Chatham County.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The “Tulsa Remote” program began in 2018 and it once again open for business, offering self-employed or remote workers a $10,000 bonus and a $1,000 housing stipend to relocate within the next six months. The program offers a co-working community space and rent is cheaper: a two-bedroom apartment in Tulsa costs around $658 per month.

Topeka, Kansas

There’s no place like home — in Kansas. Just purchase a house or rent a home in Shawnee County within a year of hire or move and you could net $15,000.

The “Choose Topeka” initiative wants people to move to Topeka for full-time work. For people working on-site, the program will grant you up to $10,000 in funds for rent the first year or up to $15,000 toward a home purchase. Remote workers can grab a cool $5,000 by renting for a year, while fast-food sandwich chain Jimmy John’s will even throw in an extra $1,000 if you move into one of their three “delivery zones.”