5 characteristics that make you more hirable

I spent a career in information technology hiring staff members, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to tell who is hirable and who isn’t. From the moment that you set foot into the interview, you are being judged. 

Making yourself hirable means that you have a much easier shot at getting your next job. The interview will run smoother. You will look more confident, honest, and professional.

And, your actions and demeanor during the interview will make it easy for them to offer you the position. Here is how to instantly make yourself more hireable. 

5 characteristics that make you more hireable

#1: You dress for the interview

Believe it or not, a lot of job candidates still get this one wrong. I’ve interviewed candidates wearing jeans. Some, a t-shirt. Sneakers. When you walk into an interview wearing informal clothing, you have a steep uphill climb ahead of you. Nobody ever lost a job opportunity because they were overdressed. But, underdressing will hurt your chances because the first impression that you make will be a negative one. 

#2: Your resume is focused and honest

Resumes that are neat and tidy, focused, and honest easily set candidates apart from others. Anything longer than a 2-page resume is arguably too long. A customized resume built specifically for each job opportunity is a shortcut to making yourself more hireable. Why? Because it portrays honesty. If you are caught lying on your resume (this happens more than you may think!), then you can kiss the chances of getting that job goodbye. 

#3: Know your resume inside and out

Along with a focused resume, be sure that you can confidently speak to everything on it. When I conducted interviews, I would ask questions about seemingly unrelated skills and experiences that candidates listed on their resume. If he or she could not talk confidently and honestly about those skills and experiences, it put their entire resume into question. Honesty is key! 

#4: You don’t switch companies too often

One of the best ways to kill your chances of getting a job is moving around between companies too often.

If you move every year, your next employer will notice that work history and assume that you will be gone next year and, as a result, may not hire you.

Most organizations want to hire staff that will spend many productive years at work. This helps to reduce the cost of turnover and training new staff members. 

#5: You smile

Job candidates that smile during the interview tend to do better. Genuine smiles indicate that you are a positive person, and organizations want positivity in the workplace. This is part of the “personality” portion of the interview and will help convince your interviewers that you will fit well and be a positive influence for others in the office. 

The next time you are in an interview, make yourself hireable by arriving on-time and dressed appropriately.

Know your resume inside and out. Customize it specifically for that job opportunity and practice talking about everything that you include on it. Smile, laugh (when appropriate), and portray a positive attitude and outward appearance. 

Doing these things will instantly make you more hireable.